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Saiyasart – The Knowledge of Nothingness

Saiyasart (literally translated: knowledge of nothingness) is a field of knowledge that deals with non-physical phenomena of all kinds.

These include forms of spirituality, meditation, magic and spiritual healing. It is also a part of the traditional Free-Warrior knowledge. A modern spin-off of Saiyasart can be found in the Yaan Meditation.

Fragments of Saiyasart were taken over by Thai Buddhism (e.g. amulets, talismans and tattoos) other components were in turn ostracized as “black magic”.

In fact, however, this is neither a religion nor a form of faith, but a spiritual knowledge that can be developed through critical self-experience, self-discovery and logical derivation. One of the most important recommended principles of Saiyasart is: “Believe nothing, question everything!”

Because this state of mind stands in the way of almost every form of faith, many religions and sometimes even social models, Saiyasart practitioners / Pahuyuth Free-Warrior have often been the target of social, political and religious persecutions in the past.