What is Arrival Meditation?

Arrival meditation (Banluhh Nai) is a form of meditation in the Saiyasart that is about dealing with one’s own self.


Knowledge of the truth also automatically leads to an education of consciousness, which can also be used by those who have reached the higher level of meditation. This is the detached molecular structure of the self (inorganic body), which can appear or communicate in different spheres and in different variants (simultaneously, in between or as a simulation). Here the present body is a pure sphere of audience (transitional materialization), and no longer part of the self.

Meditation at this stage is the state of abandonment of this organized dwelling, which does not mean that the body is lifeless, but that the self (I) does not necessarily occupy the body in existence (in this sphere of existence). In the same way, one’s own dwelling (body) could also receive other beings or allow sharing. In this way, the task of one’s own dwelling (life in this sphere of existence) can be determined at any time.

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