What is Physical Love?

In the Saiyasart physical love refers to a relationship or bond between two people that puts the physical experience in the foreground.


In a love relationship, the shared experience is at the forefront. A relationship is usually created by getting to know each other and experiencing similarities or differences.

Again, in this case, the common physical interest in intimacy is also a form of shared experience. Most of the time, this experience will end at some point and both parties will go their separate ways.

This type of relationship serves more to live out and enjoy and also to get to know one’s own sexual passion and preferences. It plays out between two people who meet for this purpose and have an equal and appropriate sexual temperament.

In most cases, physical love is not a love that continues and ends with more or less drama when both parties have have let off enough steam.

On the basis of sexuality, a bond can arise. However, if no lasting relationship can be established, love ends when the initial fire of passion has burned down.

From this point of view, both parties are only concerned with themselves. Physical love is a form of emotional love that is essentially based on greed.

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