Yaan Meditation praxisorientiertes wahrnehmungstraining bewusstsein wahrnehmung BANNER 2022

About Yaan Meditation

Gut feeling, intuition and unconscious perceptions – all these abilities are inherent in every human being. However, only the fewest people have really conscious access to these resources. Whether through the lack of promotion of these talents in adolescence or simply by repressing and forgetting in the course of adulthood.

Yaan Meditation is a practice-oriented training that can help to bring all these skills back into consciousness and to resensitize the body’s perception in a targeted manner. Yaan Meditation, for example, allows you to see things that don’t reflect light, hear things that aren’t pronounced, or feel things that shouldn’t be there by conventional standards.

In later stages of Yaan meditation, these abilities expand into forms of perception and communication, which would generally be classified in the parapsychological or esoteric field, but in reality can be learned and applied by every human being. The ability of Yaan perception can also serve as a first step toward spiritual self-knowledge.

Yaan Meditation is a derivate from the Saiyasart (knowledge of nothingness). An ancient field of knowledge that deals with self-discovery, wonders and phenomena on the basis of logic and rationality. The knowledge of Saiyasart is again closely linked to Pahuyuth.

Knowledge of Yaan Meditation (especially SCENTING and TASTING) is one of the recommended prerequisites for the study of the traditional Free-Warrior medicine.