DAAB – Traditional Thai sword fighting

DAAB (sword) is traditional armed combat with arm-long objects as improvised weapons and the name-giving Thai-swords.

Thai-swords were originally simple rice flails (Gab) or weed scythes (Gab Glie). Such tools were already used 4000 years ago against Chinese invaders and over the course of centuries developed into fighting swords.

Typical for Thai sword fighting is using the center-near pivot that enables a high rotation speed and complex movement patterns and the use of the grip for blunt strikes.

Authentic Thai sword fighting is always trained with heavy training weapons made from wood or steel, but never with Rattan oder Bamboo.

The Pahuyuth School in Berlin is the only place in the world where the famous DAAB NARESUAN (also known as “Sword of Ayutthaya”) is taught.

DAAB NARESUAN is a special, single-handed sword style, developed and secretively passed on by a paramilitary special force, that was founded during the Reign of King Naresuan (1590-1605 A.D.).


A Thai sword is not a hammer …

DAAB – The original Krabi Krabong

After the execution of King Tak Sin in 1782 AD, the old Pahuyuth free warriors withdrew from the public. They went underground and took the knowledge about ancient Thai sword fighting (DAAB) with them.

Decades later, during the reign of King Rama II (1809-1826 AD), members of the royal court developed an entertaining stage fencing for noble people: The so-called Krabi Krabong.

As a matter of fact Krabi Krabong has never been used in warfare. It was never used on historical or modern battlefields and it was not designed for this purpose. 

Nevertheless, in many places it is wrongly declared to be an ancient war martial art. For this reason DAAB (war sword), which is taught at the Pahuyuth school in Berlin, can be called “the original Krabi Krabong”.

Detailed information about Krabi Krabong and its history can be found in our blog article: The untold history of Krabi Krabong.

DAAB NARESUAN – The sword of Ayutthaya

After his coronation in 1590 A.D. King Naresuan restructured the armed forces of his empire.

On his orders, a group of paramilitary free warriors (Pahuyuth) was asked to protect the country in the event of an invasion and to carry out covert operations.

This resulted in a new sword style (DAAB), which was secretly passed down among the descendants of this sword fighting art – the so-called DAAB NARESUAN, also known as the “Sword of Ayutthaya”.

As the indirect founder of this style, King Naresuan is considered since then as a sword fighting teacher honoris causa and is revered by the members of the DAAB NARESUAN to this day.

Thai Sword and European Sword

In the year of Lord 2017 we were invited by our friends of the Brotherhood of Ascanians to take part in the medieval castle festival at Ziesar Castle. The mutual deep respect and curiosity about each other’s sword style lead to an interesting exchange of knowledge. We recorded parts of this memorable meeting of fighters and blades from different cultures and processed them in the adjacent video.

More about the Bruderschaft der Askanier: To their Website

The day the fishtails began to twitch

April 8th 2007 (AD), Bangkok, Thailand: “The day the fishtails began to twitch”

For the first time since the early 1950s students and teachers from several Thai fighting styles met in Royal Prark to freely talk about their fighting styles and to exchange experiences.

The entirety of Thai martial arts has always been unequal and widespread, therefore martial artists from different styles, such as MUAI, PAHUYUTH, Krabi Krabong and Gila Dab took part in this year’s gathering.

Once on Ayutthaya’s old market place, pickled fishes abruptly began to twitch, foreboding a burmese invasion. As a result, hundreds of Thai warriors from all over Thailand were sent to defend their country.

According to this well known historic event the motto of this years gathering was „The day the fishtails began to twitch“


The entry requirement for the discipline DAAB is the Pahuyuth student status (green belt), which requires passing the entrance examination.

As a rule, admission to the entrance examination requires participation in the trial student course.

… thus it should not be wielded like one.


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