Pahuyuth martial arts dab daab daahb thai thailearn sword fighting berlin potsdam krabi krabong BANNER 2022

DAAB – Traditional Thai Sword Fighting

DAAB (sword) is traditional armed combat with arm-length objects as improvised weapons and Thai swords, which can be used as single or double swords.

The Thai sword (DAAB) originally comes from a simple rice trucheon (Gab) or a weed scythe (Gab Gleeh). These tools were used as improvised weapons against Chinese invaders more than 4000 years ago and were developed into fighting swords over time.

Typical for this type of sword fighting is the use of the rather centrally located center of gravity, which allows a high rotation speed and complex movement patterns, as well as the use of the grip end with which blunt strikes can be executed. Authentic Thai sword art is always trained with heavy training weapons made of wood or steel, but never with light rattan or bamboo.

The Pahuyuth School in Berlin is the only school in the world where the infamous DAAB NARESUAN (also known as “Sword of Ayutthaya”) is taught. A special one-handed sword style developed and secretly passed on by a paramilitary special unit under the reign of King Naresuan (1590-1605 A.D.)

Dab daab darb dahb Ayutthaya sword drawn cutout

“A sword is not a hammer, so you don’t use it that way.”