What is an entity?

In the Saiyasart entity is the term for something that exists in being, which can be perceived by its state of presence, directly, indirectly and by itself.


Existence in being refers to the reality in the sphere of existence, the origin of which differs between real and logical. A logical presence of the current state is the result of a reaction process. In contrast, the real presence is something represented by a created or defined logic.

Perception is the consciousness that the presence, i.e. the existence in being, can be confirmed by itself and by others. Here the presence is the reproduction reaction of the result of perception (preparation and evaluation) by the existing interpretability. The evaluation or preparation of the result is still distinguished between the dynamic follow-up reaction as an affected person, and the simulated reaction sequence as a viewer in relation to perception.

The perception of an existing being is thus ultimately only dependent on the ability of the perceptive to interpret, or whether and to what extent the ability to interpret results in the correctness of the perceived (truth) in consciousness. If the perceptive is still in the state of ignorance, his ability to interpret the essence will temporarily define the essence as a phenomenon.

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