What is a Khwai Thanu?

A Khwai Thanu (ควายธนู), also known as Wua Thanu (วัวธนู), is a magical water buffalo (see amulet).


Most people believe that Khwai Thanu is an item of black magic influenced by Africans who have studied voodoo. Khwai Thanu is widespread in the south and northeast of Thailand.

Shamans use black magic by sending Khwai Thanu to attack the enemy. He can be described as a devil who destroys everything. Khwai Thanu is also used to protect people from black magic. The Khwai Thanu is a tremendously powerful and dangerous creature of dark magic. Its dark magic is almost invulnerable to conventional weapons and can only be damaged or destroyed by the use of superior black magic.

A Khwai Thanu is also capable of deadly magic himself, and any shaman who wants to control it must be very careful and reserved. Therefore, caution should be exercised when dealing with Khwai Thanu.

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