What is an Attan Veht?

Attan Veth refers to prayer texts with which supernatural phenomena are to be brought about.

According to tradition, these texts could come from the field of knowledge of the Saiyasart. They consist of compound words, sentences or sayings (see Katha, Akohm) that are pronounced aloud.

Types of prayer texts

Attan Veth are divided into eight areas or impact goals:

  1. The magic spell for healing or causing a disease, for example to relieve body aches or to create body aches.
  2. The magic spell for assembling or separating biological body structures, for example to heal broken bones or to tear bloodstreams.
  3. The magic spell for detaching or attaching molecular structures or biological bodies, for example to unlock a lock without a key, to make a passage invisible, to initiate an abortion or to prevent a miscarriage.
  4. The magic spell for creating invulnerability or vulnerability to conventional weapons, for example a magic knife that can cause injuries without physical contact or, conversely, ensure the integrity of the body despite the attack.
  5. The magic spell for creating miracles or magical power, for example to create your own invisible phantom image, to be able to walk over water or through fire or to appear in different places at the same time.
  6. The magic spell for attacks on foreign molecular or biological bodies, for example to bring objects such as leather, metal, rotten flesh or spirits into bodies or out of bodies.
  7. The magic spell for dealing with and controlling the spirits of deceased bodies (souls) as well as the creation of magical objects (amulets), for example to make a spirit a personal servant or to free oneself from a compulsive servanthood.
  8. The magic spell for love and honor (obedience magic) or hatred (demon magic), for example, to get a woman to fall in love with a person, or to cause strangers to do evil.

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