What is a phenomenon?

A phenomenon in the Saiyasart is a process of change in which either cause, process or result are not within the perceptible range. If all three factors are perceptible, however, one speaks of an event.

Event and phenomenon

According to its logic, an event exists only if the three conditions of precondition, circumstances and occasion are perceptible. A phenomenon is again an event of which not all conditions are perceptible.

An event or phenomenon is a process of change that exists under extreme conditions. A process of change takes place simply through the simultaneous presence of existing beings within a sphere of existence, i.e. their existence in being.

Here the corresponding nature of the organic beings causes that the change is not equally visible due to its diversity. An extreme condition means that the change process is accelerating. Acceleration is the intensification of the presence of one or more beings, with possibly different concentrations within a sphere of existence.

The new constellation resulting from the process of change is caused only by a deliberate causation. This causing and the resulting constellation for the acceleration of the change process thus results in the extreme condition. Here the duration of the process is determined by the presence of extreme conditions. After completion, the change process will return to its normal course, with the transition point being referred to as its consequence.

The process of change under extreme conditions differs in two categories, between the perceptible or comprehensible process (event) and the opposite imperceptible (phenomenon) but still existing process.

The phenomenon

A priest walks over glowing charcoal without burning his feet. The state of visible charcoal, as a result, causes a combustion with the organic essence in case of a touch. On the other hand, the priest was defined and accepted as a special personality, and the belief in his extraordinary abilities was not called into question. Furthermore, one’s own ignorance of the actual course of events leads to the event being regarded as a phenomenon.

If one sees the event with the consciousness of the priest only as a human being, one will find in the detailed examination of the events that the combustion would not only be based on the temperature at which the foot would burn and depends on the glowing charcoal, but essentially the intensity of the action is decisive. If the priest were to walk or stand instead, his foot would immediately begin to burn.

The Saiyasart sees the phenomenon as a temporary grasp of events, although the knowledge regarding the logical explanation of the events is not yet known, but in no way attributable to a miracle.

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