What is a Magical Figure?

In Saiyasart, a magical figure (Pieh or Phi) refers to phenomena of beings that appear after their death. In the vernacular, magical figures are what is called “spirit” or “ghost appearance”.


Summarized under the term spirits (Pieh or Phi), the manifestations of these phenomena are different, but predominantly limited to the last figure during his lifetime.

According to the old definition of many faiths, the spirits of people who have died are in the state of a spirit world, which is called the intermediate stage of the rebirth between heaven and hell. The way in which people died acts in most cases as a criterion in terms of their magical shape and all other influences on the living.

Examples of Magical Figures

  • Wandering spirit (Pieh Sampawasrie, Pieh Panejorn): These are the ghosts of the deceased who have not yet had the opportunity to rebirth. They wander to different places, and draw attention to themselves for their displeasure or pleasure through their apparition among the living.
  • House spirit (Piehbaan Piehruehn): The house spirits are ghosts of family ancestors or former landowners who are there to protect their descendants or property. According to the European definition, they are called poltergeists.
  • Accident Spirit (Pieh Tayhong): The ghosts of people and animals who died violently or by accident, and therefore cannot accept death. As a result, they appear again and again at the scene of death.
  • Disease spirit (Pieh Tayhah): The spirits of people and animals who died from diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis or poisoning, or from the action of a spirit (spook), and now draw attention to the miserable separation of their soul from their bodies.
  • Pregnant Spirit (Pieh Taytangglomm): The ghosts of pregnant women or animals that died during pregnancy or childbirth. Her particularly tragic death makes her appear or draw attention to her death
  • Holy Spirit (Pieh Jauw): Women or men who, after their death, are given a place of worship by the bereaved, so that their souls are there voluntarily or involuntarily.
  • Animal Spirit (Pieh Sang): The spirit of a tiger, which, by eating countless human bodies, has the ability to simulate a human form (Sang) in order to get closer to human prey.

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