What is Magic Energy?

In the Saiyasart magical energy refers to vibrational sequences that can control or influence other beings.


Examples of phenomena of existing beings appearing in the form of molecular energy. Molecular energy is inorganic (non-physical, see non-being) and has the properties of self-compression, self-expansion, endless self-division and recomposition.

Through the radiation or projection of one’s own state of being, it generates various vibrational sequences that can control or influence other organic and inorganic beings. The phenomena based on molecular energy can be found in different faith cultures under the defined term Magic Powers or Magical Energy.

Examples of the effect of Magical Energies:

  • Magical Petrification (Kood): The fossilization phenomenon of bioorganisms, or organic beings, which are in extraordinary or magical states. For example, a petrified tree, fruit kernel, eggs, etc.
  • Magic Matter (Tahd): A specific matter and minerals (Tahd) that have a magical energy or force field. For example, untreated fine gold, meteorite stones, natural fine iron (Lek Laih).
  • Magic Plant (Vahn): The plants or trees that naturally release magical radiation in their environment.
    For example, the white grass (Vahn Jah Pueag).
  • Magic Body Part (Gahg Gamjay): The body parts of humans and animals that have been separated from the body, or separated, and have the ability to absorb different types of magical energy. For example, the forehead of a tiger, the horns of wild animals, the human hair etc.

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