What is a spirit?

A vibrational field of a living being that now exists without it as a result of the loss of function of the corresponding physical body is called a spirit or a magical figure in the Saiyasart


A driver drives a car and a passenger from city A to the sea. Before they arrive at the sea, the car suffers damage and can no longer drive. The driver and passenger leave the car and are now somewhere, do not know how to go on and still want to go to the sea. How do they get there?

In addition, the question arises: what if the car had not broken down and we had driven to the sea?

This figure, which remains there without a car, is the proverbial spirit from the vernacular.

  • The car, the body.
  • The driver, the spirit.
  • The passenger, the soul.

The spirit forms a vibrational field, while the soul itself is a vibrational wave. In the constellation for this experience (car journey from city A to the sea) the spirit in the creation of the car was co-generated by the manufacturer (mother of the person) for this purpose. The spirit is there to shape life according to the specific purpose while the soul is a silent observer. But now, in this case, it is related to the spirit and the contemplation continues.

The spirit will try to end the experience-the journey to the sea by default, because that is its purpose. This usually does not succeed and so both are doomed to exist in this way until there is a possibility of termination. This is the ghost that people may encounter and who may be blustering and haunting or spreading fear.

The fear of ghosts is just a matter of the head, but a dose of respect is not wrong, especially if the theme of ghosts and magical figures is an as yet unknown terrain.

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