What is General Meditation (Smathi)?

General meditation (Smathi) is a form of meditation in the Saiyasart which is about the conscious creation of the state of meditation itself.


Meditation is the state of a body that is in a state of minimal control activities for life support functions. Here it is not required for the motionless body a specific posture. The essential thing is that the position is comfortable and represents the least impairment for the blood circulation.

Comparatively, one can use the daily night’s rest (falling asleep) as an example, in which the body reduces its activities to a minimum without endangering the functions of the blood circulation. During sleep, the body rests, but the thinking function continues its uncontrollable activity in the form of dreams. A dream is an interactive functional process of the body while it is in sleep.

The reason for this process lies in the fact that the functional control of thinking, which works with its own dynamics, cannot be stopped during the entire life of a person. During sleep, this control is redirected to a simulated task until the body returns to an active state.

Here the simulated task is constructed by the preparation of information of different perceptions (action dreams) or representations (vision dreams) which the data memory (memory) provides directly. Access to the information is done at a purely random time, whereby the state of the current concentration (impression) accesses the information, which has not yet had a concrete assignment.

The result of this simulated function control is the dream content, which can not only be extremely different and incoherent, but in extreme cases can also lead to waking up from the resting phase.

Following on from this, meditation represents the possibility of controlling dreams and not leaving the preparation of the simulated task uncontrollably to the automatism, but rather to determine it for themselves. This is done by not completely putting the body into the resting phase (sleeping), but by the controllable thoughts in a state just before it is kept. At the same time, by specifying simple tasks, the dream is redirected to a conscious thought process, and the state of meditation (Smathi) arises.

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