What is Being?

In the Saiyasart being is a state of existence that exists and is perceptible in the physical realm (existence).

Being and Non-being

Being and non-being in the knowledge area of the Saiyasart refers to existence in a particular sphere of existence in which it can be perceived.

Consequently, being is defined as an organic (physical) state of being and non-being as an inorganic (non-physical) state of being. The actual existence of the two states of being, however, remains in existence, i.e. the corresponding sphere of existence.

The perception of all existing beings by man is based on the defined distinction between being and non-being. Here the demarcation from this world as a sphere of existence and the hereafter as the “ghost sphere” has been arbitrarily defined. Whether all beings actually exist according to this definition or perception remains to be seen for the time being.


The definition of being is based on the perception of contradiction. The first is the contrast between organic and inorganic bodies. The organic bodies are characterized by their structure and texture compared to the inorganic, recognizable features.

This results in further contrasts in the group of organic bodies. These consist between pure matter, or solids and living beings. Living beings exist with the independent properties of existence (life), renewal (survival) and reproduction (reproduction).

On the other hand, there are also contrasts in the group of inorganic bodies. These consist between gaseous substances and forms of energy. This refers to an energic form of an inorganic body, which can determine its appearance by an independent freedom of movement, as opposed to gases or gaseous substances.

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