Pahuyuth martial arts mai sawk shield fight pancawangan sakti tonfa berlin BANNER 2022

MAI SAWK – Traditional Shield Fighting

MAI SAWK (also known as “Mai Sook”, “Mai Sannt” or “Grarock”) is traditional armed combat with special forearm shields that can be used for attack or defense.

The MAI SAWK was originally a practical arm extension with which fishermen could draw boats or farmers move larger straw bales. Ingenious Pahuyuth Free-Warrior scame up with the idea of converting this everyday tool into a powerful melee shield.

Loosely worn on the forearms, the MAI SAWK provides solid protection against blunt weapons and sword blades, while the extra weight and metal bolts at the front multiply the impact force. It is said that the ancient shield warriors were able to cut swaths into battlefields and leave a trail of devastation.

Pahuyuth Shield Warriors are extreme close-range fighters who fear neither weapons nor ground combat. They usually have excellent defensive skills and precise fist and elbow techniques that they can use with or without weapons.