What is love?

In the Saiyasart love refers to a bond that has arisen through shared experiences and is constantly growing.

Love as a form of relationship

Love can affect multiple people, such as a family or good friends. This love can also relate to animals or pets. The common experiences that the involved beings had and will have are concise here. The bond to each other comes from getting to know each other in the context of shared experiences.

Love between man and woman

This does not necessarily lead to a relationship between a man and a woman. It can be a friendship, a good friendship that places the same demands as a good relationship. Here, too, a temporary intimate relationship can occur between a man and a woman, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Physical contacts probably play a role, but this is then exhausted in the touches adapted to the situation. This can be a welcome hug, cuddle the children with the parents, caress cat and dog or head to head with the horse. This contact serves the exchange of energy with each other and strengthens the mutual acquaintance or the bond with each other.

Experience-based love

The shared experiences include not only the appearances, such as holidays, leisure, cinema, concert, etc., the shared experiences here are also the mental and psychological reactions in the situations experienced together. It also includes discovering commonalities and differences and dealing with them.

So-called friction points are also involved, they are on the one hand the spice of the relationship to the other also give this information about the respective person and how, for example, dispute or different views are handled. The more commonalities can be found, the closer the bond can become.

Types of love

Love is unique to every human being, but everyone looks at love from a different angle and thus also takes a different path that leads to love. Here all forms and kinds of love can be classified or found.

For example:

In the end, a person who has relationships with many partners can come to the same conclusion/result as a person who has had only one partner throughout his life, and the experiences can also be very similar.

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