What is truth?

In Saiyasart truth is an assigned information.


One distinguishes in “own truth”, “foreign truth” and “the truth” (also fundamental truth). In other words, everything that exists and is present is true and can be perceived by means of suitable abilities and can be assigned according to the model of autodynamics.

Saiyasart (truth knowledge) deals with the latter form of truth, the fundamental truth, which is described as a logic that can neither through time nor through space change its existence in being or non-being.

Perception of truth

The basis for the perception of truth is the allocation of information.

To illustrate this, take the example of a wooden table whose origin is a part of a tree. The tree itself comes from the pollen, or the fruit core, which in turn comes from the original tree and exists in an independent cycle. The creation of the wooden table also means the separation of a part of the tree from the normal conditions of existence. The newly assembled construction of the tree part to a wooden table automatically results in new existential conditions, which will change the course of the cycle accordingly.

The tree is an organic entity with its own dynamics, which changes its state and existence in existence independently through the influence of the conditions of existence, which is called its consciousness. This consciousness of the tree exists regardless of whether it is separated from its entire body or not. In contrast, the wooden table exists by defining its being, which remains unchanged until it is deleted. The wooden table is a so-called entity without consciousness.

The cycle of renewal and reproduction of the tree will stop immediately if the structure of the organic being is separated. The cycle is therefore not continued in the wooden table. However, the beings classified as organic and capable of renewal and reproduction, which are called living beings, have a subconscious.

According to this, the wooden table after its separation still has the consciousness as a part of the tree, but it no longer has the subconsciousness of the tree cycle.

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