Pahuyuth sart bambatgay traditionelle alternative asiatische freikaempfer heilkunde BANNER 2022

SART BAMBATGAY – The traditional Free-Warrior Medicine

In earlier times Free-Warriors (Pahuyuth) had to be able to treat injuries and diseases far away from civilization. For this they used the knowledge of Sart Bambatgay (ศาสตร์ บําบัดกาย – “The knowledge of altering of the body”), a unique body knowledge that is taught and practiced by the members of the Pahuyuth to this day.

The naturopathy of the Free-Warrior originates from no other traditional healing method (e.g. TCM, TJM, TEM, Ayurveda, etc.). However, there have always been interactions that have led to the development of traditional Thai medicine (TTM), traditional Thai massage (TTM) and other naturopathic methods.

Free-Warrior Medicine is based on the insights about body, mind and soul from Saiyasart. Its effect is based exclusively on support of the natural self-healing functions of the human body. The reversal of medicine, especially the massage techniques, can be found in the combat techniques of Pahuyuth.