What is an external aspect?

In Saiyasart the term external aspect refers to an isolated perspective, which refers to the external observation of an existence.


The external aspect results from the question “How do I exist?”. This refers to everything externally perceivable, which is not only matter or the body but also character traits.

Yaan meditation the three aspects of existence


For the example of the aspect as a viewer (external aspect) one assumes a free floating spherical object. With mathematically approximation, the sphere exists as an object with a round surface. If the surface points of a circle are divided to 360 degrees, the sphere has 64084 surface points due to its three-dimensionality.

If one continues to equate every existing surface point with a perspective, one also has the amount of viewing aspects at the same time. The sum of the individual information of all aspects of view represents the actual aspect, or the expression (presence) of the object, which can be perceived by the viewer.

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