What is a original text?

The original text is the proposition of theses, which contain claims to be proved or refuted about a particular subject. Original texts are compressed information or food for thought that can serve as hints for the exploration of the Saiyasart.

Meaning of original texts in the Saiyasart

The traditional original text of the Saiyasart are described as a guides for self-exploration of the truth. It is divided into five groups, the individual content of which is arranged as a specific generic term for facilitating understanding. The language expression of the text has been adapted by scholars to today’s definitions of terms, with the content and meaning presented remaining the same.

The original text is not about understanding it according to the definition of the terms or the language expression chosen, since this would only be a copy. Rather, it is about the perception of the entire existence of the original text, which at the same time is also a justification for its existence. In order to perceive the original text or to make an attempt at consideration, it is necessary to deal with certain knowledge bases in advance.

At the time when one perceives the original text in its complete aspects, one will not only be able to reproduce the text with one’s own words and a different use of language, but one will also begin to understand the existence and being of Saiyasart

With the awareness of the confirmation of this knowledge of truth, or even only as an uninvolved perception, the meaning of the existence of the Saiyasart is already fulfilled.

Original texts about Beings

  • The origin of all beings is the nothingness of darkness and the nothingness of lightness!
  • The existence of beings is based either on their own creative initiative or on our human definition!
  • Essence is the manifestation of a self-selected cycle, the presence of which it itself directs towards the fulfillment of a future of the past!
  • The defined entity is present in its existence of being as long as it is present in the imagination of the viewer!
  • The almighty Being has been condemned by us for eternity to be responsible for everything, whatever is!
  • We claim to have been created by an almighty entity, which we ourselves have been the creators of!
  • The existence of an almighty entity is an aspect of our imagination that has been given to us to be passed on!
  • In its appearance, the entity is the result of an event, and its meaning lies only in its existence and not in its creation!
  • Invisible beings are present not only in visions or definitions, but in every possible reality!
  • The entity is the form of an energy frequency whose concentration determines its existence or appearance.

Original texts about bodies

  • The body is a shell created both to protect against external touch and against the revelation of the innermost!
  • The body reacts in an autodynamic to changed states and environments, which makes any influence from outside superfluous!
  • The body has no aesthetic beauty, its existence is determined only by its current, usable state!
  • The inconsistency of the body alone makes it difficult to make the targeted use of its abilities and capacities!
  • The shell and the one that is in it have no similarities, neither in their nature nor in their origin!
  • The ideal of the body is to fulfill its predetermined purpose, and in the normal course of its change process!
  • The body is in different states of usability within its change process, but these do not last forever!
  • The body can be optimally operated by the user, provided he is aware of his abilities and the correct handling of them!
  • The composition of a body includes both the externally comprehensible part of the apparition as well as the incomprehensible!
  • The body consists in its material composition only during the duration of the event process!

Original texts about soul

  • The soul can appear as a phenomenon within a sphere, provided that it has charged it with this spheric energy!
  • The sphere energy is constantly released as an effect of the continuous process of change within the sphere!
  • The origin of a soul in the primal sphere lies in the accumulation of constant pressure waves of sphere energy, which are pressed into it and compressed!
  • The soul divides any number of times by duplication in order to distribute its energy concentration among the individual duplicates!
  • By occupying a sphere body of the sphere, the possibility of discharge of spherical energy and the development of a flow network of the soul arises!
  • The properties of the sphere body can be fed into the soul both by discharge and by generating additional sphere energy!
  • The soul can end its existence in a sphere or leave it, provided that it has completely discharged its sphere energy!
  • The creation of a network structure for the flow of the sphere energy allows the soul a self-determined return to this sphere!
  • The higher form of existence of the soul is connected with the ability to enter and exit any sphere at any time, even without needing a sphere body!

Original texts about emotions

  • The emotion of a being is the accumulation state of sphere energy, which was either transmitted by the soul or created by itself!
  • From all possible emotions of the soul, those favored for the survival and reproduction of the body are transformed into initiative impulses!
  • From all possible emotions of the soul, those who trigger an urge for activity are released outward through the bodily functions!
  • The self-generated emotions arise from conflicts that result from deviations of the immediate data flow from the structured data set!
  • The emotions caused by deviations from the data structure are broken down by bodily functions in the form of correction reactions!
  • The emotions that have arisen from deviations from the data content are reduced by bodily functions in the form of defensive reactions!
  • The artificial emotions are created by the fact that content and/or structural comparative data are manipulated from within or outside!
  • The spontaneous emotions arise from increased volume and acceleration of the data flow, which trigger a shock reaction without data comparison!
  • The emotions generated by the suspension of imputability cause an unconscious, violent and uncontrolled physical reaction sequence!
  • The emotions generated by the suspension of the body’s responsiveness cause an internal discharge that can have a self-destructive effect!

Original texts about aspects

  • The aspect is the existing sphere and reality related to nature, which are interpreted in the perception of the individual viewer, as his own understanding!
  • The real aspect is the result of the mutual way of looking at each other and the relationship between the viewer and the viewer himself!
  • The inner aspect is a self-examination, which is presented as self-defined to the outside world!
  • The external aspect is the way of looking at the individual viewer, with which he perceives and defines the outside!
  • The relationship aspect is the difference between the information of the inner and outer aspects of reality!
  • The acceptance of the aspects depends on the educated or shaped thought structure of the individual viewer, which he accepts as a qualitative perception!
  • The thought structure is the thought scheme that follows predefined guidelines for the consideration and evaluation of sphere and essence-related data and information!
  • The aspect essentially distinguishes between the existing conditions and the consciously perceived!
  • The aspect is a neutral data specification, which is declared by the viewr himself for individual and qualitative evaluation!
  • The discrepancy between reality and perspective is a point of conflict that causes emotion and disproportionate reaction consequences!

Original texts about meaning

  • The meaning is the optimistic initiative of an idea to justify a wide variety of projects and activities!
  • The meaning of existence, in its diversity corresponds to the scope of the imagination of the one who interprets it!
  • The meaning of existence is an illusion that represents an attempt to justify components of an event course by means of a subjective justification!
  • The meaning of life is a philosophy of embodiment by which a social classification is presented!
  • The meaning of activity is a justification for the enforcement of one’s own will without personal responsibility!
  • The meaning of fate is a compulsive justification that prefers inadequacy to the admission of ignorance!
  • The meaning of social existence is an artificially created order, supported by the ideal of authority and subject!
  • The meaning of being is the illusionary representation of an authority that is at the same time an unapproachable existence and a bearer of hope!
  • The meaning of the existence of others serves self-glorification by defining the difference between the ME and the YOU!
  • The existence of the meaning is individual, and, may it be defined or ignored, has no influence on whatever is!

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