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Are you interested in traditional martial arts, martial arts and self-defense? Are you looking for online courses, seminars and videos with which you can learn how to fight or develop yourself as a fighter across styles? You want to be able to train at home and anywhere in the world at any time? You want to learn Pahuyuth, but you are not in Berlin?

On this page you will find our free learning offers for martial arts, naturopathy and spiritual knowledge as well as information about our new online membership program.

With the latter, we are enabling digital learning in the sense of a modern, dual education for our students in Berlin since 2021. At the same time, and for the first time in history, we are giving the opportunity to people worldwide to learn Pahuyuth technically and factually correct and therefore to qualify themselves as full-fledged Free-Warriors.

The aim of our new e-learning initiative is the protection and preservation of the traditional Free-Warrior knowledge through digital education and information. Our learning offer is constantly being expanded and made available to our members in German and English.

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Free martial arts online training!

Free online courses

Before we tell you about our membership program, we would like to inform you about our free learning offers. On our online platforms you will find a whole range of content with which you can learn, train and study at any time without paying even a penny for it.

For beginners we recommend to try out the 30 Exercises and the 15 techniques from our 1984 instructional video. The contents of both online courses are part of our basic program for beginners and can give you a first insight into our training. Both trainings are lockdown-friendly, contact-free, time- and location-independent, free of charge, private and anonymous. You don’t need any devices and don’t have to register anywhere. Just start!

Learn martial arts and fitness online

In response to the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 aka Corona Pandemic, we now provide the 30 Exercises free of charge for everyone. The 30 Exercises are an approximately one-hour training program, which consists of thirty individual exercises and can be trained at home or wherever you want. We hope to help all those who are forced to train on their own in their own homes because of the current situation!

Pahuyuth 30 Exercises online

Learn Martial Arts Techniques Online

In this teaching video, a teacher shows the first 15 of the 45 basic techniques of Pahuyuth according to the 1984 curriculum. The techniques and concepts shown in this video are, except for a few minor details, valid to this day and can be used in Pahuyuth, Muay Thai, Muay Boran and many other fighting styles (e.g. MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Chaiya, Muay Thasao, Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi, Muay Lao, Bokator, Pradal Serey, Lethwei and many more).

Pahuyuth martial arts techniques for beginners featured free online course

More free online courses

Here you will find more free online content on the topics of martial arts, naturopathy, Saiyasart and Yaan Meditation. Our free, digital education is constantly being expanded and is available to anyone who wants to further their education.

For those who want to give us something back for the provision of this content, we have set up a Buy Me a Coffee Account. We use the proceeds to publish even more digital content, thus preserving the knowledge and culture of the ancient Free-Warriors for future generations.

Pahuyuth martial arts train at home fitness 30 exercises featured
Pahuyuth 30 Exercises online
Pahuyuth martial arts techniques for beginners featured free online course
Yaan meditation info evening online
Saiyasart info evening introduction course online
traditional medicine naturopathy online learning course seminar

If you want to learn more without paying for it, take a look at our media section,our blog and our glossarium. There we share more free content in German and English.

From here it is about our paid online membership program. We recommend that you only scroll further when our free online training offers have become no longer enough for you.

More knowledge – Become an online member of Pahuyuth!

Pahuyuth Membership – Online Membership

With our free learning offers you should get a long way. If you want to learn even more, you have come to the right place. With our new online membership program, we now offer a dual martial arts education for our live students in Berlin. At the same time, we enable learners worldwide to qualify as full-fledged Free-Warriors (Pahuyuth) and become part of our community.

How does our online membership work?


In order to meet the requirements for participation in our online training, you need two things: The will to train independently and self-disciplined and at least one training partner nearby, who goes on this adventure together with you – a Battle Buddy who provides you feedback, motivates you, challenges you and stands up for you. Pahuyuth is best learned in “Coop Mode”. This applies in particular to our online training. If you take part in our live courses in Berlin, you don’t have to bring an extra partner.

Battle Buddy Yellow Belt

Team up – Pahuyuth is best learned in Coop mode. Your “Battle Buddy” is your primary training partner.


The registration for our online membership takes place via our Patreon account and costs you approx. EUR 35,- per month. (depending on the exchange rate). In return you will have access to our member area and all our teaching content. If you are short of cash or just want to take a look, you can share these costs with your partner and use a Patreon account together. Please note that we can only send one belt, shirt, hoodie, etc. per account (see below).

Pahuyuth martial arts learn online registration yellow belt

Subscribe to succeed – registration takes place via Patreon and costs you, depending on the exchange rate, about 35,- Euro per month.


Pahuyuth has a structured teaching concept that we transfer one-to-one to our digital education. In this way, we ensure that our online students learn the same things as analogue participants and thus qualify fully. Through our online platforms, you get everything you need from us to design your personal training experience. You will learn the basics of Pahuyuth and have the opportunity to learn one or more of the seven Pahuyuth disciplines. As a member of our online program, you get access to exclusive learning content with videos, courses, tutorials, handouts, ebooks and much more. Because we use this program to train our live students in Berlin, you can be sure that you will always receive the full package in the highest quality possible and not just some random courses, seminars or workshops.

Pahuyuth training progress xp

No pain, no gain – via our platforms you get everything you need for your development – but you have to do it yourself!


To prevent that you and your Buddy have to train in a vacuum, we have set up our own member forum in German and English. There you will find further information about the learning content. In addition, you can use it to ask questions or post pictures and videos of your training to get hints and corrections for your further development. Through the forum you can always get in touch with teachers, teaching staff and other members from Berlin and all over the world, to exchange ideas or just have fun. At Pahuyuth we practice learning through teaching. This means that you benefit not only from individual teachers or instructors, but from the combined knowledge and experience of an entire community!

Battle buddy frog jump yellow belt

Never walk alone – as a member you profit from the knowledge and the experiences of an entire community!


All our exams are voluntary and free of charge. As a member of our online program, you can either choose between live exams in Berlin or we set up a zoom call as soon as you are ready for it. If you pass an exam, we will send you your new belt via mail. If you don’t pass, we’ll explain what you should be working on and repeat this process until you make it. What counts for us is that you really can do it afterwards and have earned the title “Pahuyuth” with good reason. – You can find out what this includes in the next section.

Pahuyuth martial arts online learn kick yellow belt

Level up – our exams are a voluntary and free learning aid – what counts is that you really can do it and we gladly help you achieving this goal!

Learning content for beginners (yellow belt)

Whether you want to use the Pahuyuth knowledge to learn martial arts or effective self-defense. Whether you want to learn more about Asian culture and far eastern philosophy. Or whether you just want to do something for your health and fitness – with us every new student starts with us as a probationary student (yellow belt).

Unlike some other martial arts, martial arts and self-defense methods, the Pahuyuth has a trial phase with defined learning content and an admission exam, which determines whether someone is accepted as a full-fledged Pahuyuth student (green belt) and receives further instruction in the Pahuyuth disciplines.

This means that even if you’ve been practicing martial arts, Boxing, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), Muay Boran, Lethwei, Kickboxing, MMA, Krav Maga, Self-Defense, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Tsun, Kung Fu, Sanda, Judo, Eskrima, Kali, FMA, Stick Fighting, or something like that for years – unless you have Pahuyuth qualification, we recommend to start as a beginner. This is not a disgrace, but serves above all your safety and your learning success!

Online learning content for beginners

As a member of our online training program, you will learn the same things as any other Pahuyuth student. To qualify for the Pahuyuth admission exam, you need knowledge of the 30 Exercises and three valid class 0 Performance Tests (PQS). In order to pass the exam, you must also be able to perform the 45 basic techniques of Pahuyuth and to show a little bit of theoretical knowledge.

To help you develop all these skills, we provide you with a whole series of tutorials, videos and web content. In this way, you can determine your learning pace yourself and develop yourself bit by bit. If you have any questions about the exercises or techniques, our members forum is always available for you. There you can communicate with Pahuyuth teachers and other members to get valuable feedback for your training.

Please note: Due to Coronavirus delays, some of the new instructional videos have not yet been completed at the start of this program. In order to enable you to start immediately, we have inserted corresponding archive recordings of the same techniques as well as detailed detailed descriptions. As an online member, you will of course be informed about new content and updates.

30 Exercises
Pahuyuth martial arts online learning yellow belt 30 uebungen techniques erred

Every Pahuyuth student knows them – the “30 Exercises” are the legendary beginner workout of the Pahuyuth. In 32 step by step lessons you will learn how to perform the 30 exercises correctly in all details and what to look out for during training or the admission examination. With the 30 exercises you will develop the necessary basic fitness in the areas of Physical Abilities, Reaction Abilities and Endurance. You will become fitter and healthier and at the same time learn the first combat-relevant movement patterns.

Performance Qualification (PQS)
Pahuyuth martial arts online training lqm

Performance check-up like a Free-Warrior – in order to further increase your physical performance and to offer you a uniform fitness benchmark for different training levels, we show you how to perform performance tests according to the Pahuyuth exam regulations. With downloadable test sheets for three different performance levels (PQS0, PQS1 and PQS2) you can get started immediately and explore or expand the limits of your physical performance without any devices and anywhere in the world.

LS-01 – Physical Knowledge
Pahuyuth technique fist punch beginner ls 01 04

In Pahuyuth, Physical Knowledge refers to the teaching of position, stability and movements of the human body in space, as well as the teaching of basic combat techniques.

You will learn the 15 basic techniques of Physical Knowledge. These include the Basic Stance, the Teacher Greeting as well as first techniques for bodily weapons, i.e. fist, foot, knee and elbow.

By studying the natural attacking possibilities of the human body, you not only learn to inflict damage professionally, but above all lay the foundation for a solid defense against such attacks.

LS-02 Defense Knowledge
Pahuyuth martial arts defense technique online learn yellow belt

In Pahuyuth, Defense Knowledge refers to the teaching of autodynamic reactions, which are suitable for averting damage from oneself or others.

You’ll learn 15 selected defense techniques that allow you to defend yourself against unarmed attacks by evading, redirecting or blocking them.

By studying the techniques of Defense Knowledge you internalize their concepts and at the same time form the foundation to defend yourself and to acquire many more defense methods with and without weapons in later stages.

Pahuyuth martial arts case roll technique learn online

In Pahuyuth, safety knowledge refers to the teaching of reflexes that are suitable for an optimal response for the purpose of self-rescue when falling or losing balance.

You will learn 15 fall and roll techniques with which you can survive various falls, accidents and even throwing techniques completely without mats, protectors, net or double floor without damage.

By learning about safe positioning and movement on the ground, you’ll also lay the foundation for ground combat skills, as they are required in LING LOM for example.

Learning content for advanced users (from green belt)

The traditional Free-Warrior knowledge includes the knowledge areas of Pahuyuth, Saiyasart and the traditional Free-Warrior medicine. Pahuyuth deals with the aspects of physical confrontation. It includes a total of seven unique martial arts disciplines that can be learned individually and seamlessly combined.

Pahuyuth Skilltree muai ling lom meed mai sawk daab grabong sabai martial art

Pahuyuth fights with and without weapons. In principle, therefore, a distinction is first made between unarmed combat (LING LOM) and armed combat (AWUD). The weaponless Pahuyuth disciplines are divided into active (MUAI) and passive (LING LOM) combat. The disciplines of armed combat are divided according to the physical characteristics of the object used as a weapon in hand-length (MEED, knife), forearm-length (MAI SAWK, shield), arm-length (DAAB, sword), body-length (GRABONG, quarterstaff) and flexible (SABAI, scarf). This not only allows the use of your own or specific weapons (e.g. Thai swords). A special feature of the Pahuyuth has always been the use of everyday objects as improvised weapons.

With regard to our online course program, this means that as a member you can learn not only one, but up to seven different types of combat and combine them according to your personal wishes, preferences and abilities. How exactly you create your “build” and with what focal points you “level up” within the Pahuyuth-Skilltree is entirely up to you. Do you already have previous experience from other martial arts or martial arts? No problem! Use them to make your fighting style even more individual, unique and therefore more dangerous!

Online learning content for advanced users (from green belt)

As with the probationary-stage content (see above), as a member of our online program, you’ll learn exactly the same things as all Pahuyuth students and get access to exclusive tutorials, videos, and content to help you develop your desired skills.

In terms of access rights, we make no differencewithin our online program, whether you have just registered or have already successfully completed the entrance examination. Our members always have full access to all our online teaching content and can try everything out at their own discretion. We only recommend that you learn the basics properly before you start with the learning content of the individual disciplines.

Please note: This section is currently under construction and is constantly being updated. As new content becomes available, online members will receive a notification via Patreon and the forum. Until then, we recommend that advanced participants work through the contents of our online archive (see below).

MUAI Online

MUAI is a stand-up fighting using the four bodily weapons fist, foot, elbow and knee.

You will learn active combat with punches, kicks and much more. Your basis is more than 200 traditional techniques, which you will fine-tune in later stages and develop your own fighting style with and without boxing gloves (bare knuckle). The goal is to fully control the course of the fight and to be able to determine the nature and timing of your victory yourself.

As a warrior, you follow in the footsteps of those who – long before modern fighting styles such as Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Kickboxing, Muay Chaiya, Muay Thasao, Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi, Muay Lao, Bokator, Pradal Serey, Lethwei, and many more came into being – laid the foundation for today’s combat sports.

Learn more about MUAI


LING LOM (monkey-air or air monkey) is unarmed Pahuyuth using all capabilities and conditions of the human body.

You will learn the full spectrum of unarmed combat standing and on the ground, based on the five system teachings of Ling Lom. You react formlessly, unpredictably and individually to attacks of all kinds and can adapt to other fighting styles without having learned them beforehand. To do this, you shape situational conditions in your favor and end fights by targeting the biological vulnerabilities of the human body.

As a warrior, you follow in the footsteps of those who fought for peace and freedom in wars for many generations and developed the Pahuyuth knowledge to its present form.

Learn more about LING LOM

MEED Online

MEED (knife) is armed combat with hand-long objects and knives.

You will learn knife fighting until you no longer need weapons any yourself. Instead, in dangerous situations, you use everyday objects from your surroundings as improvised weapons or turn the attacker’s knife against him. For this purpose, you have a huge arsenal of knife-fighting techniques in combination with a particularly cunning combat style at your disposal. The skill of an accomplished MEED-Warrior is often compared to that of a conjurer who cheats his victim out of a fair chance to win or to a predator that reveals its claws only when it slays its prey.

As a warrior, you follow in the footsteps of paramilitary special forces, which, after the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767 A.D., united an entire country and thus created the basis for today’s Thailand. Fragments of this type of knife fighting also found their way into the later Thai military and its special forces.

Learn more about MEED


MAI SAWK (Shield) is armed combat with forearm-long objects and shields.

You will learn the traditional shield fighting methods of the ancient Free-Warriors. This means you get extremely fit in terms of ground combat, elbow techniques, punches and defensive techniques. Contrary to what the name of this weapon suggests, the MAI SAWK (shield) is not a pure defensive weapon. Due to the relatively short range of the shields in combination with their enormous destructive power at close ranges, shield warriors are actually more inclined to an offensive fighting style. Also you don’t care if you’re fighting just one or multiple opponents. As an accomplished shield warrior, you can fend off attacks from any direction and counter them with bone-smashing decision-making strokes.

As a warrior, you follow in the footsteps of free mercenaries and paramilitary units who, armed only with shields, were able to cut swaths into battlefields, leaving behind a trail of devastation.

Learn more about MAI SAWK

DAAB Online

DAAB (Sword) is armed combat with arm-long objects and swords.

You will learn how to fight with one or two Thai swords and integrate bodily weapons (fist, foot, elbow and knee) as well as ground combat and grip techniques in your fighting style. Thanks to the special shape of this type of sword, you have a considerable repertoire of knob attacks and spinning techniques that you can use while standing or on the ground against one or many opponents. This allows you to manipulate the enemy weapon (known in European swordfighting as “Winden im Band”) and act with deadly precision in very tight environments.

As a warrior, you follow in the footsteps of DAAB NARESUAN, a command unit founded in the 16th century AD on the orders of King Naresuan. At the same time, you will become a worthy keeper of the ancient swordfighting culture and a true descendant of all those who fought with the Thai sword in their hand for peace and freedom.

Learn more about DAAB


GRABONG (Stock) is armed combat with body-long objects and quarterstaves.

Like the sword, the staff was one of the main weapons in warfare. You will learn to use with long staffs and body-length objects of all kinds (e.g. street signs). Doing so you are capable to include bodily weapons and ground combat as well as fighting against multiple opponents in your fighting style. Through your handling techniques, you can effortlessly switch between different hand positions and distances and are able to maneuver a large and bulky object as a long staff through narrow spaces and make it appear as soft and elegant as a rope.

As a warrior, you follow in the footsteps of Free-Warriors who used such staves to transport provisions and luggage in ancient times and used them to defend themselves against waylayers, wild animals and enemies.

Learn more about GRABONG

SABAI Online

SABAI (cloth) is armed combat with flexible objects and scarfs.

You will learn how to use flexible objects of all kinds as improvised weapons and will never be unarmed or defenceless again. You don’t care if you have just a scarf, a jacket, or belt for your defense, or if you have to defend yourself against one or more armed or unarmed assailants. Equipped with the skills of potentially the most dangerous of all Pahuyuth disciplines, you follow a defensive combat style and use knot techniques to limit the attacker’s ability to move, fix his limbs, or damage his joints with a short jerk.

As a warrior, you follow in the footsteps of respected concubines and courtly concubines who weren’t allowed to carry weapons. SABAI is passed on in honour of the many unnamed women who have become the victims of violence throughout history.

Learn more about SABAI

Self-Defense Online

Self-defense online featured

Self-defense is “the defense necessary to avert a current unlawful attack from oneself or another.”

While Pahuyuth was designed for survival in lawless spaces, today we enjoy the benefits of a rule of law in which powers to protect citizens are regulated and restricted by law. The protection of the individual is the responsibility of the state. By way of derogation from this principle, self-protection may be permitted by interference with third-party rights if the protection of the State cannot be obtained in time or in the absence of it. Especially if self-protection is particularly permitted by law.

As mediators of a traditional martial art and guardians of traditional traditions, culture and customs, we see ourselves in the responsibility to help our students to a healthy and righteous approach to their fighting knowledge. We therefore do not see the topic of self-defense as an independent Pahuyuth discipline, but as a multidisciplinary competence and valuable basic attitude, which we convey to all our students. Here we give particular importance to strict legal conformity and interpretation, which we consider to be an indispensable basis for a truly realistic self-defense.

Learn more about self-defense

More Knowledge – Exclusive Content for Online Members

In addition to the above-mentioned learning content, members of our online program get access to remastered archive recordings, original scans of previous educational books as well as regular updates and lots of other exclusive content. Our digital education offering is constantly being expanded. If you have ideas or suggestions for future content, you are welcome to share them with us in the Members Forum.

Yaan meditation online featured
Grabong 116 Techniques 1998 featured online
Lugsidt 45 Techniken online featured
Lugsidt 30 Uebungen online featured
Lugsidt examination booklet 1996 featured
Muai thai unterrichtsheft 2 1978 featured
Pahuyuth grusswort der freikaempfer featured
Grabong training booklet 1996
Preliminary stage five disciplines 1996 featured
Ling Lom fall technique 2 2 1978 Affenrolle featured
Lugsidt teaching booklet 1991 featured
LING LOM Fall Rolling Techniques 1999 online featured
MIED 154 techniques 1999 online featured
ARCHIV MAI SAWK Shield Dance 1999 featured
LING LOM 79 exercises 1999 online featured
Muai thai school introductory booklet 1995 featured
Muai Thai Ausbildungsheft 1984 featured
Muai Thai pre-green booklet 1995 featured 1
Grabong unterrichtsheft 2 1978 featured
Muai 170 Techniques 1998 online archiv featured
Lugsidt how to tie a belt featured
Muai Thai educational booklet 1991 featured
MUAI 168 techniques 1999 online featured
Muai Thai booklet 1 1978 featured
Ling Lom Kurs 2014 online archiv featured
Pahuyuth the story of gaeuw featured
Grabong vorgruen heft 1996 featured
Muai Thai die erste pruefung 1978 featured
Lugsidt Yellow Belt Book 1996 featured
Muai Thai white belt book 1986 featured
Fan Daab pre-green booklet 1996 featured
Muai Thai green belt book 1986 featured
Muai upgrade draft featured
Saiyasart introduction to truth-knowledge 1998 featured
Awud thai pre-green booklet 1995 featured
Lugsidt Warrior's Creed online featured
Lugsidt training booklet 1996 featured
Self-defense 170 techniques online ARCHIVE featured
Awud Thai thailaendischer messerkampf 1978 featured
LQM the performance qualification standard 1995 featured
Lugsidt yellow belt booklet 1995 featured
Ling Lom Falltechnik 2 1978 featured
Muai Thai Gruengurtbuch 1996 featured
Mied 311 anwendungen 1999 featured
Grabong 103 applications archiv featured
Saiyasart perception workshop 2015 featured

Special highlights from our archive

For our new online program we have dug deep into our archives and can come up with some special highlights at the start. These include the previously unpublished Ling Lom course from 2014-2016 (approx. 14h lessons, German language), and the Yaan Meditation Training with a total of 50 parts (more than 67 lessons and 100 pages of handouts, also in German). In addition, there are a few hundred remastered and mostly unreleased technical videos (more are on the way!) and much more that is worth discovering.

Learning aids – Downloadable Content

As a member of our online program, you get access to downloadable content that can help you with your training. These include, for example, the field-tested Lugsidt Handout (PDF), which gives you an overview of the learning content of the yellow belt level and printable LQM test sheets. With them you can do performance tests without having to buy an additional test booklet. Further content is planned and will be made available to our online participants over time.

Pahuyuth lugsidt handout dlc

Further publications

We have designed our online program so that you can easily train with it and qualify as a Pahuyuth-Warrior. If you need additional input, we recommend taking a look at our publications. Please note that physical learning aids such as The Pahuyuth history book, PQS test booklets, and the Pahuyuth Compendium for example must be purchased separately. Only in this way can we keep the price of the online membership program as low as possible.

Pahuyuth martial arts publications buch buecher featured 2020

Gear Up – One year of exclusive items for online members

As a member of our online training program, you will receive exclusive articles from us for one year. Send us a short message with your Patreon account immediately after registration and we will send you your personal yellow belt via mail – worldwide, we pay the shipping costs!

After three months of membership, you will receive a T-shirt with the Pahuyuth logo through our Patreon partners. After six months you will get a poster with the Pahuyuth teacher statue. If you take part in our online training for nine months, you will receive an Organic Tote Bag and if you are a member of for twelve months, you will receive an exclusive Pahuyuth Hoodie.

Anonymity – From whom do I learn? Who are the instructors?

Pahuyuth is a traditional martial art taught according to the traditions of the ancient Free-Warriors. The ancient Free-Warrior were paramilitary special forces, mercenaries and commando units who fought for peace and freedom in Southeast Asia for many centuries. The concealment of their identities served to protect them from persecution. They became “No one”.

At Pahuyuth we maintain a so-called “tradition of discretion”. This means that we do not care who you are, where you come from and what you can or have achieved. We do not glorify our teachers, nor do we adorn ourselves with the achievements of our students. You do not need to glorify or even worship any of us and, conversely, you do not receive applause for what you have done or have learned for yourself. Instead, we always meet on an equal footing, and our community has always been open to human beings of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, religions, or other traits.

In concrete terms, this means that you only share your data with our payment service provider Patreon for participation in our online training. In communication with us (e.g. in the members forum ), we would like to ask you to use your warrior name or a self-selectedalias and to respect the anonymity of the other participants.

In this way you will never be able to brag about having trained with this or that master / teacher / Kru / Sifu / Sensei / Ajarn / Trainer / Instructor / Coach / Guru / Influencer / etc. (Wouldn’t help you on the street anyway!). Instead, you will sooner or later be able to say with full justification that “no one” has trained you. If you can live with it, then we welcome you to Pahuyuth!

Pahuyuth Anonymitaet anonymous

I am no one. I come from nowhere and I go into nowhere. I was taught by no one and I help someone become a no one.”

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The Pahuyuth training is basically suitable for men and women from 14 years. In order to participate in the online membership program, there should be stable internet access as well as German or English language skills.

Currently approx. EUR 30 or USD 35 per month plus VAT. The exact amount may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations. You can find out more on our Patreon account.

To acquire the Pahuyuth knowledge, you will have to pay (at least from our experience) with a lot of effort, sweat, perhaps for a bit of blood, a few bruises and – depending on your predisposition – maybe a few tears. The payment of such “teaching fees” is made to yourself in instalments to be determined by you.

As far as participation in our online membership is concerned, the usual payment methods for Patreon apply. This means primarily by credit card or by PayPal (and thus by direct debit). For up-to-date information on this topic, please see Patreon Support.

The usual terms and conditions of Patreon apply with regard to the contract term of the online program. Normally you should be able to cancel monthly. Find out more at Patreon Support.

No. Our membership program is a pure learningoffer. It does not contain any obligations, but only recommendations. Neither do you have to take an exam, nor do you have to participate in any other activities. This means that you can use our membership program just as a martial arts media library for example, if you wish to do so.

Not at the moment, but that may change in the future. Live streaming and zoom courses are a good but rather ephemeral form of digital knowledge transfer. For this reason, we decided to start with the (from our point of view) somewhat more sustainable method with pre-produced video tutorials, texts, images, graphics, handouts, archive material and much more. If our participants are sufficiently interested, we may also be offering live formats in the future.

As long and as short as it takes. Your learning progress with us always depends only on you and your circumstances. For example, if you manage to acquire all the Pahuyuth knowledge within a month and successfully pass the (free) red belt exam, then that is perfectly fine for us. If it takes a little longer, then it takes a little longer. Our recommendation: Take the time you need and rejoice in the things you discover along the way. Then you will reach your destination quickly enough and in time!

This, too, depends on you, your willpower and your circumstances. Experience has shown that our students in Berlin need on average about five to nine months to qualify for the entrance examination. If you train more than two to three times a week (e.g. daily for several hours), then it could well be a little faster. If, on the other hand, you only do something for yourself once a month, it will take longer. Incidentally, the current record is twenty years, due to a very long stay abroad.

Wherever you want. Just make sure it’s safe and that you don’t bother anyone. For our training you only need some free space (ideally without carpet or mats) and a solid wall (see exercises number 9, 12, 16 and 1 of the 30 exercises).

Whenever you want. Ideally at a time when no one nobody gets disturbed. For beginners, we recommend that you take time at least twice a week for two hours each. If you wish to do so, you could as well invest several hours a day in your martial arts training.

Whatever you think is good and right for you. We usually recommend a comfortable shirt without buttons, zippers or sequins as well as comfortable training pants to our trial students in Berlin. For safety reasons, you should never wear hard or sharp objects on your body during your training. Piercings or earrings should be removed or taped off in case of doubt.

As an online member you get a yellow belt and after three months T-shirt. If you add some comfortable sports pants without buttons or zippers and you are already perfectly dressed.

In the initial phase (probationary stage) you do not need any special tools or any special equipment. If you are training MUAI (recommended from green belt), we recommend that you add a few boxing gloves (8oz, non-white). The weapons disciplines require safe training weapons, but you can craft them yourself with a few inexpensive things from your local hardware store. We’ll provide detailed shopping lists and tutorials soon.

No. The bright clothing you see in our pictures and videos has proved to be disadvantageous for the corona-related outdoor training during the year 2020 (e.g. because of grass stains), therefore it will only be used at our Berlin school for optional maintenance of customs in the future. Most of us now wear a black T-shirt (e.g. from our Pahuwear shop), short black pants and a belt. An exclusive Pahuyuth T-shirt or hoodie will be automatically sent to online members as part of our loyalty program.

Examinations in Pahuyuth are always free of charge. Anyone who fulfills the necessary requirements can take a Pahuyuth belt exam. Internal as well as external students can register for a formal confirmation of their knowledge at a Pahuyuth educational institution. They will always receive this confirmation for free. Basically, no decisions about progress are made in the Pahuyuth. Either existing knowledge can be confirmed or correction recommendations are given. In Pahuyuth it is never about the mutual bestowal of certificates or the establishment of a social or economic structure. Pahuyuth is exclusively about the transmission of potentially life-prolonging martial arts knowledge. If this knowledge is demonstrably there, it can be formally confirmed by a Pahuyuth teacher or examiner.

The memory of poor quality lasts longer than the brief joy of a low price. In order to live up to our ideas of high-quality online martial arts education, we need to set a lot of things in motion and transfer an ancient martial arts knowledge of enormous proportions to modern day media. The amount of work necessary to do this equals several full-time jobs, ranging from research and the development of suitable formats to the production of content (texts, artworks, videos, etc.) to delivery to our online members in German and English language. We do this out of the conviction that this knowledge can save lives and that it can help to achieve peace and freedom. Accordingly, you pay primarily for the provision of this knowledge and not for the knowledge itself. If you know a better martial arts online training at a lower price point, please send us an email to [email protected]pahuyuth.com. We like to learn!

We want to make the Pahuyuth knowledge accessible to anyone who wants to learn it, no matter which country he or she lives. We would like to give it away, which we already do in parts with our free learning offers. Accordingly, we try to keep the price of our online membership program as low as possible and also allow up to two participants per account, which halves the cost again.

It is said: “If you can’t fight, you need it, and if you can fight, you don’t need it anymore.” – By teaching how to fight to those who still need it , we are trying to increase the number of people who no longer aspire to violence and destruction, thereby contributing to the good of humanity.

Our goal is to preserve the traditional Free-Warrior knowledge through education and information for future generations. The goal of our new e-learning initiative is the protection and preservation of the traditional Free-Warrior knowledge through digital education and information.

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