What is a magic sign?

A magic sign in Saiyasart is an object that contains and/or can release magical energy.


Examples of phenomena that can absorb or release magical energy, or magical powers, by labels, badges, symbols, or sayings. According to Thai definition, these phenomena are called Sai or Saiyasart In Europe, they are called magic.

Examples of magic signs:

  • Magic Symbol (Jahn): The recording of old lettering or series of numbers on sheets of fabric, silver, gold, copper, tin or tree leaves. Through a ceremony or ritual, certain magical properties can be stored there.
  • Magical objects (Kohng Sound): Figures, Objects, Amulets, or Weapons that can store certain magical properties through ceremonies. Thai Buddhism is popular with the creation of Buddha amulets or Buddha figures with magical properties distributed to the faithful. Saiyasart practitioners or followers of Brahmanistic magic prefer to store souls or ghosts instead of magical energy in the characters or illustrations.
  • Magical spells (Katahh): Magical prayer texts or sayings that release a certain magical energy by repeated repetition, or pronouncing them with high concentration or worship.

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