What is truth-knowledge?

Truth-knowledge is a field of knowledge (Saiyasart) which is intended to provide a definitive answer to the three fundamental questions that have always preoccupied humanity:

  1. Where does everything come from, or how did it all come about?
  2. Who am I?
  3. Where do I come from and where do I go?


The different methods used for the discussion and experiments on these topics have led to countless theories, passionate beliefs and attempts at interpretation, whereby so far only doctrines of faith (see believe) have emerged, which did not bring satisfactory answers with them.

Truth itself is a logic that cannot change its existence in being either through time or space. The existence of truth has arisen at the same time as everything that exists.

In other words, truth is everything that exists and is present and is perceptible through appropriate abilities. First, the truth itself is perceived, and secondly, the three fundamental aspects are considered; the aspect of the person concerned, the aspect of the viewer and the aspect of the relationship between the two.

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