What is the present?

The present is the proverbial here and now in the Saiyasart This refers to a variable state between the past and the future.


The present is subject to a continuous process of change, which provides access to the perception and assignment of events.

Experiencing the present

The experience of the present can take place in two ways, either in the midst of the events with all the emotions and events that belong to the current experience (see affected) or only from an observational position that is at least emotionally uninvolved (see behold).

Present in Pahuyuth

Pahuyuth students are advised to focus on the present. The past cannot be repeated or changed while future events have not yet occurred. A comparison of data in the sense of the model of autodynamics is always done in the present. Adherence to the past would therefore hinder the ability to act in the present, while a fantasist about a possible, as yet unknown future hinders the perception of the present.

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