What is bodyless love?

In the Saiyasart bodiless love is a relationship between two people, which is characterized by a state of being there without being there.

Emergence of bodyless love

This specific type of love is called bodiless love, because, unlike the other types of love, it does not form a “body” and thus distinguishes itself from other kinds of love.

Forms of love that have grown on the basis of greed or gratitude or other foundations take on a form or body or a wishful thinking.

This creates conditions or principles that are then intended to characterize or shape this love, which ultimately fails (see emotional love). The result is a mental “body”. This is a form of coercion that is developing here.

Bodiless love on the other hand came about without any compulsion and will remain so. Of course, you can’t get around the circumstances that life offers at the same time to get along.

Other Free-Warrior units are said to have appeared like ghosts out of nowhere during battles, fulfilled their respective missions and then returned to their home villages. To this day, no one knows where they came from, who they were, or who trained them. They, too, were “no one.”

Phases of Bodiless Love

The bodiless love, or the two people who are living this type of relationship, go through different phases:

Getting to know each other

They did not seek each other, but met and the bond came about for inexplicable reasons. There is a learning phase, a phase of dispute and a phase in which compromises are learned. There is no compulsion behind it, everything happens and develops simply and informally.

Being there without being there

At some point, a state is reached where the partner is constantly present even if both left the house early in the morning and walked separate paths for their daily work. Then the partner is not physically present, but only mentally present. It can even be that one or both are happy to have peace from each other but despite all they are thinking all day of each other. Nowadays, the activities on the mobile phone are likely to be increasing.

This is the state of being there without being there. Both have managed to have each other think of their partner all day long. Without compulsion or pressure or conditions.

The common understanding

The next phase would then be the common understanding, which means that it is no longer necessary to discuss anything, the partner already knows what his partner thinks about it. To experience this, it is best to provide your life with a suitable partner at the right moment.

How do you find bodiless love?

You can’t find bodyless love. It arises when the conditions for its growth are right. Going out and actively looking for a partner for bodiless love only involves coercion again. This leads to an emotional love.

It takes patience and understanding in the time of development. By the way, disembodied love is not unconditional love. By definition, there can not be an unconditional love, because unconditionality is already a condition itself.

Bodyless love can include all other forms of love throughout its development, but it doesn’t have to be with just one partner. The personal development of the two people who experience this is also influenced by this love, also the state of health of the body.

Self-love is an important prerequisite for experiencing a bodyless love. However, this can be achieved during this experience.

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