What is a Phi Krahang?

Phi Krahang (กระหัง) is a ghost from Thai folklore who is often depicted with two large kradong (กระด้ง, round baskets for threshing rice) on his arms. He uses these baskets to fly through the rural areas of Thailand at night. He also often rides on a Sak Tam Khao (สากตําข้าว), a long wooden pestle of a traditional manual rice mortar.


It is sometimes believed that the Phi Krahang is the husband of Phi Krasue or is related to Phi Pop (ผีปอบ). Others claim that Phi Krahang originated from men who have practiced too much Saiyasart (note: we can’t confirm that!). Supposedly, the Phi Krahang eats these men from the inside to form its ghost form.

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