What is Contemplation Meditation (Vipassana)?

A contemplation meditation (Vipassana) is a form of meditation in the Saiyasart which is about the experience of knowledge of truth as a observer. Prerequisite for achieving a contemplation meditation is the ability to general meditation (Smathi).


The second stage of meditation is the exploration and experience of knowledge of truth as a observer. This level is mainly referred to by the learned personalities as the contemplation theory (Vipassana). At this stage of meditation, one’s own concentration has become so volatile that the state of the motionless body is no longer necessary. Meditation is then only a reflex concentration that can be carried out at any time and in any position.

Reducing the functional control and movements of the body is only done if necessary with regard to the degree of concentration with respect to the perceptual type. For example, when seeing, hearing, or feeling. These types of perception are also often used by some viewers in the simple meditation stage in order to have an optimal degree of concentration for so-called meditative self-discovery. Otherwise, the state of meditation at this stage is hardly distinguishable from the normal waking state.

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