What is to be affected?

Being affected is a type of perception in the Saiyasart in which one acts as a participant in relation to what is perceived. The opposite of being affected is being an observer.


In order to explain the way of perception of being affected, according to tradition, the same example is used in a modified form. This time, as a percepter, you are directly on the lake shore. This means that you are a part of the information content. On the one hand, the perception is directed directly at the water or at the viewing, on the other hand one is also affected by the effects by one’s own presence.

The perception of the existing information of the water on the lake, the cool air and the water mixture on one’s own skin, the rising vapors of water particles on the earth’s surface, the heat of the sun’s rays, etc., as a whole, is what one is affected by.

The composite result of perception is described in the example as a pleasant cool water temperature on the lake. A perception while being affected.

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