What is Real Information?

Real information is a group of information in the Saiyasart which is brought to existence by definition, whereby it is mutually accepted by the beings (real).

Real and Logical

Something real is an emotional sensation, which in most cases is reinforced by personal beliefs and your own desires, and the information is thus considered true. Something logical is based on mathematical-physical conditions and properties in order to create the corresponding events.

All existing beings automatically record the information available in their immediate environment, provided that they have an appropriate recording function. The actual recording of information serves in parallel to fulfil two purposes. First, existence in being, that is, existence in this sphere of existence, and secondly, its further development. The information itself exists in two groups.

  1. Logical information: The first group of information was created because of the common existence of beings in a sphere of existence (logic).
  2. Real information: The second set of information is brought to existence by definition, whereby it is mutually accepted by the beings (real).

Real information

An example is the representation of a social structure. A king is ruler over his people. According to logic, both the king and his people are organic beings of the same type (people). The order of the king as head and ruler, or owner of his people, seems to have an inorganic character at first impression. The king is the starting point for the domination of his people.

Conversely, the people are the starting point by allowing themselves to be controlled. According to the logical conditions of the Saiyasart neither the king nor the people perceive domination as an existing being. The domination, however, exists both on the part of the king and on the part of the people, and thus also as a being perceptible. Perception is the acceptance by which each simulates the existence of domination. The king has defined for himself the claim to possession of his people, and the people have accepted for themselves the subordination to the king.

Through both parties, domination has become present and exists as an inorganic being in reality, or has become real.

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