What is a Phi Ka?

In Thai folklore, a Phi Ka (ผีกะ) is a parasitic spirit that mainly affects women.


Phi Ka are considered vicious, voracious spirits that reside in the bodies of women. They are known to be prone to violence and attack people.

The only known treatment for Phi Ka is to feed the host raw eggs, as the creature does not like them. Since the Phi Ka can fight back and retaliate, this can be a complicated and dangerous operation. However, it is said to be the only effective technique to remove these dangerous spirits from human hosts.

Phi Ka in the understanding of Saiyasart

From the point of view of Saiyasart , Phi Ka phenomena are most likely an occupation that can be eliminated by an expertly performed exorcism. The forcible instillation of raw eggs into the patient is, in the understanding of Saiyasart, only one of many possibilities for reprogramming the autodynamic system (see model of autodynamics).

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