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Martial arts trial training in Berlin

You are interested in traditional martial arts, melee combat and self-defense and would like to do a non-binding Pahuyuth trial training?

Here you will find all the information you need for your first training at the Pahuyuth School Berlin.


Our training takes place every Friday from 7.00 pm in the martial arts school Neukölln (Hobrechtstraße 31, 12047 Berlin).

Participation only with pre-registration (no walk-in, no drop-in).

Important: Please read the information on this page and follow steps 1-4 below.

Learn to fight in Berlin – Your entry into Pahuyuth

Whether you want to use the Pahuyuth knowledge to learn martial arts or effective self-defense. No matter if you want to learn something about Asian culture, Far Eastern philosophy or even traditional medicine. Or whether you just want to do something for your health and fitness – with us every new student starts as a so-called yellow belt (probationary student).

Pahuyuth martial arts learn online registration yellow belt

Unlike in some other martial arts and martial arts, Pahuyuth has a trial phase with an entrance exam, which determines whether someone is accepted as a full-fledged Pahuyuth student (green belt) and gains access to the knowledge of the Pahuyuth disciplines.

This means that even if you are already trained in, martial arts, boxing, Muay Thai (Thaiboxing), Muay Boran, Lethwei, kickboxing, MMA, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Tsun, Kung Fu, Sanda, Judo, Eskrima, Kali, FMA, stick fighting, self-defense or the like – if you do not yet have a Pahuyuth rank, it is best to start with the beginners.

This is not a disgrace, but serves above all your safety and your learning success!

pahuyuth beginner training techniques

Step by step – Pahuyuth is learned from scratch.

Traditional training (as it used to be)

In former times, Pahuyuth students had to apply to a teacher, for example by working as temple novices (Dek Wat, church child). Initially, each of these students was only taken in as probationary student to first examine their character and ideas.


The ancient teachers them an insight into the fighting knowledge, but no concrete fighting techniques to prevent possible abuse by an unadmitted student. It was only at a later stage that the teacher decided whether and to what extent it was possible for him to impart the requested knowledge to the novice and to accept him as a full-fledged student (green belt).

In reference to the Buddhist robes of the temple novices, Pahuyuth probationary students (Lugsidt Todlong) still wear a golden yellow belt today. Instead of cleansing work in the temple, there is nowadays a structured (and partially even digital) teaching concept with which everyone can be taught the basics of Pahuyuth and much more.

Then as now, however, the Principle of Volition applies, which is indispensable for admission as a Pahuyuth student.

Pahuyuth berlin training Probeschueler

Every beginning is difficult – Pahuyuth requires initiative, self-discipline and willpower.

Martial art? Combat sports? Self-defence? Close combat? – What is this all about again?

We teach Pahuyuth (pronounced Pah-hoo-yutt). Pahuyuth is an ancient Southeast Asian martial art that was developed, used and passed on by paramilitary Free-Warriors, mercenaries and special forces.

Pahuyuth is the martial origin of all Thai and many Southeast Asian types of combat (e.g. Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Thai Boxing, Muay Chaiya, Muay Thasao, Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi, Muay Lao, Bokator, Pradal Serey, Lethwei, Krabi Krabong and many more.)

At the same time, Pahuyuth is a so-called combat knowledge, which is closely linked to a spiritual field of knowledge called Saiyasart and an independent naturopathy. All three fields of knowledge together form the so-called Traditional Free-Warrior Knowledge.

Sounds complicated? No problem! Just watch this video to get an idea of our training, our teaching concept and our philosophy.


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Video laden

More than a Thaibox gym: With our “Tribute to the 2010s” video you get an impression of the scope of our close combat training, which ranges from unarmed combat (MUAI, LING LOM) to armed combat (MEED, MAI SAWK, DAAB , GRABONG, SABAI) and self-defense. In addition, there are the departments of SART BAMBATGAY (traditional naturopathy), SAIYASART (knowledge of nothingness) and YAAN meditation (perception training), which you can also learn with us.

How does such a trial training work?

If you wish, you can begin your first trial right now. You don’t have to sign up, pay anything, make an appointment or go anywhere! Our trial training is 100% free, contact-free without obligation and anonymous!

Pahuyuth martial arts train at home fitness 30 exercises featured
  • Step 1: Your first workout

    The 30 Exercises are our standard fitness training for beginners. We share this approximately one-hour workout for free on our website.

    We recommend that you take a look at the exercises on our topic page and just try them out. If you need help with the exercises, just sign up and come by!

    Important: In order to start training with us it is not necessary to be able to perfom the 30 exercises perfectly in advance.

    This step is just about getting a first impression of our training and giving you a few basics so that you can get the most out of your first on-location training.

    ➔ To the 30 Exercises

Pahuyuth martial art instruction video video 1984 techniques for beginners online muai muay thai boran berlin 1984 featured
  • Step 2: Your first techniques

    You can also learn your first fifteen fighting techniques for beginners completely free of charge and even contact-free from home.

    Just watch our instructional video from 1984 and try to do the techniques shown. For this you need neither previous knowledge nor a special talent. Just give it a try. If you need help with the techniques, just sign up and come by!

    Important: As with step number 1, it is not necessary to be able to do these techniques before you join us.

    See it more as a small self-test to find out (without much effort) whether you enjoy our training at all or whether you are already able to work on your development in a self-disciplined and self-responsible manner. Why this is important for our training / our way of fighting, we explain below.

    ➔ To the instructional video from 1984

    Pro Tip: If you are particularly interested in the topics Saiyasart, Yaan Meditation and Free-Warrior Medicine, then take a look at the (also free) content for beginners.

    ➔ To the Saiyasart information event (79 minutes)
    ➔ To the Yaan Meditation Info Event (78 minutes)
    ➔ To the Naturoppathy introductory course (24 parts)

Pahuyuth Anonymitaet anonymous
  • Step 3: Start becoming a "no one"

    Pahuyuth is a close combat method taught according to the traditions of the ancient Free-Warriors.

    The ancient Free-Warrior were paramilitary special forces, mercenaries and commando units who fought for peace and freedom in Southeast Asia for many centuries. The concealment of their identities served to protect them from persecution. They became “no one”.

    Following the ancient traditions, we place a certain value to data protection and privacy and maintain a so-called “tradition of discretion” as part of our training. This means that we do not use real names during our training, but so-called Warrior-Names.

    Your brain teaser task: Start becoming a “nobody” by giving yourself a Warrior-Name, or at least thinking about who or what you would like to be for yourself or others. A Warrior-Name can be anything, for example, a fictional character from pop culture or a personality of contemporary history. Gamertags or other code names are also perfectly fine.

    In other words: Don’t tell us what your name is, but who you are! We look forward to meeting you!

  • Step 4 (optional): Register

    If steps one to three sparked your interest and you want more of this, then register with your self-chosen warrior-name either at our trial training in Berlin (up to 3x free of charge) or for our worldwide online training (in German and English). Details on the respective training formats can be found on the topic pages linked below.

    Pro Tip: If you have any questions about the steps above, please email us at [email protected]

What happens next?

In Pahuyuth there is a unified “tutorial phase” in which you learn the necessary basics in order to be able to continue learning safely and purposefully. In this way, we ensure that both beginners and well-versed fighters with previous experience are on the same level of knowledge.

As a beginner (yellow belt) you first learn the basics of Pahuyuth. They consist of the 30 Exercises, the PQS of class 0 and a total of 45 techniques, which are divided into Physical Knowledge, Defense Knowledge and Safety Knowledge, as well as some theoretical knowledge and the so-called carrier’s worthiness.

  • 30 Exercises

  • PQS Class 0

  • LS-01: Physical Knowledge (15 techniques)

  • LS-02: Defense Knowledge (15 techniques)

  • LS-03: Safety Knowledge (15 techniques)

  • Theoretical knowledge (5 questions)

  • Carrier’s Worthiness

If you have worked through steps 1-4 (see above), you should have a very good foundation to acquire the missing content. If you wish, we will gladly assist you with that!

Lugsidt Lerninhalte

The teaching contents of the probationary student phase are divided into technical qualification and carrier’s worthiness. The latter results from forgiveness, which is taught, among other things, with the Warrior’s Creed.

Pahuyuth never walk alone jumped up

Pahuyuthies never walk alone – since we practice “learning by teaching”, every higher belt wearer serves you as a contact person and tutor.

The Pahuyuth Entrance Exam

If you wish, you can take the Pahuyuth entrance exam (yellow belt to green belt) at any time. The exam is free of charge and there is no minimum contract period. Just drop by or make an online appointment when you feel ready.

Advanced training (from green belt)

Once you have mastered the basics, you can choose your desired discipline(s), learn them individually and/or combine them at your own discretion. From here on, the Pahuyuth teaching system works like a powerful construction kit that covers both armed and unarmed combat.

Martial arts online learn create your build

If and to what extent you “level up” your skills within this “skilltree” is always entirely up to you.

No matter whether you want to develop yourself into a specialist in a certain type of combat or a jack of all trades – if you wish, we will accompany you from start to finish in your individual acquisition of the Pahuyuth knowledge and help you to develop a unique and perfectly tailored to you fighting style.

Do you already have previous experience in other martial arts or combat sports? Excellent! Use it to make your “build” even more unique and therefore more dangerous. There is no limit with us!

You can choose from:

Self-defense, of course, is also taught. However, we do not understand this topic as an independent Pahuyuth discipline, but as interdisciplinary competence and valuable basic attitude, which we impart to all our students.

Pahuyuth Skilltree muai ling lom meed mai sawk daab grabong sabai martial art

Pahuyuth contains a total of seven martial arts disciplines, which can be learned individually and combined with each other seamlessly.

In addition, there are the areas of knowledge of the Saiyasart and the traditional Free-Warrior medicine, which also belong to the traditional Free-Warrior knowledge.

Yaan Meditation Practice-Oriented Perception Training banner

The Yaan Meditation, in turn, is a spin-off from Saiyasart and deals with bringing subconscious perceptions into consciousness. This too be learned as part of our training.

Become a member – Training formats

We currently offer two study formats for members:

Hybrid face-to-face training in Berlin

Battle Buddy Yellow Belt


Going to a school, gym, dojo, etc. and only being able to learn or train there is old fashioned. Our new hybrid training combines the best of traditional martial arts training and modern day e-learning.

You train once a week as part of our face-to-face lessons at the martial arts school Neukölln. In addition you get 24/7 access to thousands of videos, tutorials, graphics, texts, archive recordings and other learning aids through our online platforms as part of your study package. This enables you to study at any time and anywhere in the world.

Thanks to our in-house online forum , you can get in touch with other members and teachers at any time. In this way, you can easily ask questions and get valuable feedback even outside of regular school opening hours.

Your advantage: From now on you are no longer dependent on fixed training times. This allows you to determine your own learning pace even better and make training in the Pahuyuth School even more efficient, effective and flexible.

Online training worldwide

Online training worldwide

If you are not in Berlin or for some other reason cannot or do not want to participate in the classroom training in Berlin-Neukölln, this is no problem at all! Just train when and where you want!

Our online training is contact-free, lockdown-compliant and even climate-friendly. The learning content is exactly the same as for our face-to-face lessons in Berlin. All qualifications that you achieve through our online training are valid in our live training. The only test you need for this is the speed test for your Internet line!

Your advantage: No matter if there is another lockdown or further contact restrictions in the future, whether you are in quarantine or simply too busy to come by – thanks to our new e-learning, you will never have to forgoe your martial arts training ever again!

➔ Learn more

Training For non-Berliners, commuters, travelers and Berlin tourists

You don’t live in Berlin or are you only stay in Berlin from time to time? Are you passing through or planning a temporary stay in Berlin? No problem! Follow the steps 1-4 listed above in advance and come to our live training when you are in town. When you leave, you can continue your training seamlessly with our online training!

Do you offer any “normal” courses, groups or workshops?

Our teaching concept is based on the structured formation of self-competence, self-efficacy, individuality and self-empowerment through self-knowledge.

As a (free) warrior, you have to learn to make your own decisions, to stand for yourself and to go your own way with awareness. The sooner you develop these qualities, the freer and more self-determined your life and ultimately your fighting style will be.

A constant frontal lesson or a guided training group do not live up to this claim (according to our understanding). Instead, we consider you to be a mature and equal person or fighter from minute one and accompany you with words and deeds in your personal development.

Our motto in this regard is:

We can show you the way to the toilet, but to go there and … is up to you!”

In practice, this means that you can come to our school during the respective opening hours. There you will find both teaching staff who can support you individually in your development as well as classmates with whom you can arrange joint training (in pairs or in a group), if you would like to.

In other words: With us, every training is a personal training and you are always the architect of your own fate. Of course, the same applies to our online offer.

Pahuyuth training anfaenger beginner exercises uebungen

Sweet poison – a guided course seduces to shift the responsibility for yourself and your training to others.

Pahuyuth course workshop seminar berlin training trial

As a warrior(ess), you have to learn to take your fate into your own hands. If you don’t, sooner or later others will do it for you. With us you will learn how to develop your resilience and thereby preserve your freedom and independence!

How much does the pahuyuth membership cost?

In principle, you can participate in our training in Berlin up to three times free of charge and without obligation. Things like the 30 Exercises or the techniques and tutorials we publish on this website, you can of course practice at home as often and as long as you like.

In order to be able to support you in your individual development beyond that, we have two membership fees:

Pahuyuth Membership

Pahuyuth Membership

The Pahuyuth membership (see our online training)is the basic fee for all participants. We use this contribution for the preservation, provision and further development of traditional Free-Warrior knowledge.

You get:

  • Access to the online members area
  • Access to our online archive
  • Access to the online member forum
  • Learning Aids & Study Material (DLCs)
  • Free tests and exams
  • Belts and exclusive items via mail.

In other words: Teaching content for your Pahuyuth / Saiyasart / Naturopathy studies plus online feedback and remote advice by classmates and teachers.

Payment is made monthly via PayPal or credit card to our payment service provider Patreon. The Patreon Terms and Conditionsapply.

Learn more about the benefits of the Pahuyuth Membership on our online training page.


per month, incl. VAT

Rental share for on location training

Kampfkunstschule neukoelln featured

The rental share is an optional additional package for all those who want to participate in our training in Berlin-Neukölln. We use this contribution to cover the rent and to maintain school operations.

You get:

  • Access to the premises of the martial arts school Neukölln during the Pahuyuth training times (Fridays, 7-10 pm)

In other words: A protected space for your study practice among like-minded people as well as live feedback and corrections by classmates and teachers.

Payment is simply made by standing order at the beginning of each month to:

Berliner Volksbank Kampfkunstschule Neukölln e.V.
IBAN DE48 1009 0000 2562 0010 02
Purpose: PHY / (Your Pahuyuth warrior name)

We ask you to submit the documents for the standing order and the Pahuyuth online membership to the school unsolicited.


per month

Are there any extra costs?

We have designed our memberships in such a way that you can use them to train and qualify as a Pahuyuth Warrior. If you need additional input, we recommend taking a look at our publications.

Please note that physical learning aids such as The Pahuyuth history book, PQS test booklets, and the Pahuyuth Compendium for example must be purchased separately. The same applies to personal equipment such as boxing gloves (8 oz.) or building materials for training weapons (available in every hardware store). This is the only way we can keep the price of our membership fees as low as possible.

Belts and certificates – How high are your examination fees?

The Pahuyuth qualification system is based exclusively on existing expertise and related competence in the field of Pahuyuth. The system includes belt levels and examinations, but no certificates, diplomas or examination fees.

The belt levels serve as visible indicators for the minimum level of knowledge of its respective wearer. However, the colours of the belts do not establish a hierarchy, nor do they serve as a badge of rank or status symbol. This would be contrary to the freedom and equality principles of the Free-Warriors.

Examinations in Pahuyuth are always free of charge. Anyone who fulfills the necessary requirements can take a Pahuyuth belt exam. Internal as well as external students can register for a formal confirmation of their knowledge at a Pahuyuth educational institution. They will always receive this confirmation for free. Basically, no decisions about progress are made in the Pahuyuth. Either existing knowledge can be confirmed or correction recommendations are given.

In Pahuyuth it is never about the mutual bestowal of certificates or the establishment of a social or economic structure. Pahuyuth is exclusively about the transmission of potentially life-prolonging martial arts knowledge. If this knowledge is demonstrably there, it can be formally confirmed by a Pahuyuth teacher or examiner.

The certification model of Pahuyuth is independent of documents and attestations. A Pahuyuth practitioner always carries his true belt-rank within himself because the Pahuyuth-knowledge has become a part of him. Therefore he easily recognizes those who only pretend to have this knowledge but do not possess it.

A true Pahuyuth belt can never be obtained by fraud, be bought or gifted – It can only earned.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The training is suitable for men and women from 14 years.

In the case of underage participants, we kindly ask that a special form to be filled in and signed for the training.

The Pahuyuth training is physically and psychologically demanding. We recommend to consult a doctorbefore taking any physical or physical activity. If you suffer from a permanent injury or chronic illness, please inform the instructor before starting the training.

Why should it? Individuality, freedom and equality among people are among our core values. Our community has always been open to people of any origin, ethnicity, gender, religion or other characteristics. Just be yourself!

Before you consider trying to defeat someone, you should first learn to overcome yourself. Start with this.

As long and as short as it takes. Your learning progress with us always depends only on you and your circumstances. For example, if you manage to acquire all the Pahuyuth knowledge within a month and successfully pass the (free) red belt exam, then that is perfectly fine for us. If it takes a little longer, then it takes a little longer.

Our recommendation: Take the time you need and enjoy the things you discover along the way. Then you will reach your destination quickly enough and in time!

This, too, depends on you, your willpower and your circumstances. Experience has shown that our students in Berlin need on average about four to nine months to qualify for the entrance exam. If you train more than two to three times a week (e.g. daily for several hours), then it could well be a little faster. If, on the other hand, you only do something for yourself once a month, it will take longer. Incidentally, the current record is twenty years, due to a very long stay abroad.

The memory of poor quality lasts longer than the brief joy of a low price. Our members know that they always get more out of it than they invest. No matter how much they pay.

We want to make the Pahuyuth knowledge accessible to anyone who wants to learn it. We would like to give it away, which we already do in parts with our free learning offers. It is said, that “Whoever cannot fight needs it and who can fight no longer needs it.” – By teaching those who need it to fight, we try to increase the number of people who no longer strive for violence and destruction on their own and thus make a contribution to the well-being of humanity.

For general Pahuyuth membership, Patreon’s usual terms and conditions apply. Normally, you should be able to cancel monthly. Find more details at Patreon Support.

You can also cancel the payment of the rental share by standing order on a monthly basis if you no longer want to participate in the classroom training. We don’t ask questions.

The Pahuyuth membership (aka online membership)is the basic fee for all participants. The rental share is an optional additional package for all those who want to participate in our face-to-face training.

The bright clothing you see in our pictures and videos has proven to be detrimental in the corona-related outdoor training of 2020 (e.B. because of grass stains), so it was retired by us. Most of us now wear a black T-shirt (e.g. from our Pahuwear shop), short black pants and a belt. An exclusive Pahuyuth T-shirt or hoodie will be sent to members automatically and at no extra charge after three or twelve months of membership.

No problem! Just send an email to [email protected].

Information for your on-location training

In the following we share some informartion about our training in Berlin-Neukölln. Please note that the current Corona regulations apply to participation in our on location training.

If you want to train without restrictions, please use our online training temporarily. The teaching content there is the same. All qualifications that you achieve with it will be credited to you one to one.

Do’s – Checklist for your first training

  • Comfortable shirt

    That could be a simple cotton T-shirt for example. For safety reasons, please make sure that it does not have any buttons, zippers or sequins.

  • Comfortable training pants

    Short or long it doesn’t matter – the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it and have enough legroom.

  • Additional T-Shirt

    You’re gonna sweat. We therefore recommend packing one or two T-shirts for changing.

  • Optional: Water bottle

    If you like, then pack yourself a bottle of water, which you can enjoy during the break.

  • Optional: Nutrition tip

    The training can be physically very demanding. We therefore recommend not to eat for two hours before the training.

Dont’s – Safety Instructions

  • No buttons, zippers, cords, sequins, etc., please.

    Your safety is important to us. Therefore, please make sure that your training clothes do not have any hard or sharp objects.

  • No jewellery, watches, earrings, piercings, hairpins, etc., please.

    Please do not wear hard or sharp objects on your body in the training room. Not removable piercings can be masked or taped.

  • Please do not eat or drink in the training room.

    Food and beverages are a safety risk. The best place to eat or drink is in the lounge area.

  • Please do not use alcohol or narcotics.

    Anyone who is alcoholized or intoxicated is endangering themselves and others. Just stay at home and come when you are sober.

Hygiene and health care

Your health is important to us – that’s why we have introduced a few simple preventive measures that we would ask you to follow:

  • Please wash hands & disinfect hands on arrival (see video, donor hangs at the school entrance).
  • Please do not have spectators in the classroom.
  • Please do not have pets at school.
  • Please stay at home at the slightest sign of infection.
  • Please do not store or consume food in the classroom.
  • Please make sure that finger and toe nails are short and clean.
  • Please do not touch your or others eyes and mouth.
  • Please make sure to keep your distance or turn away when coughing or sneezing.
  • Please cover wounds or injuries immediately with a patch or bandage
  • Please use only personal, screw-on drinking bottles.

Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
Mehr erfahren

Video laden

Corona precautions

In the sense of our general hygiene measures and the infection protection ordinancesissued by the Berlin Senate, we would like to ask you for the following:

  1. Due to the official requirements, a maximum of ten people can participate in the training. We therefore ask for a pre-registration.
  2. Participation in the training requires a negative corona test. Excluded are vaccinated, recovered and children and adolescents under the age of 14. You can take the test for free in any test center. However, tests from the employer or from school also apply. We cannot and must not take self-tests carried out without supervision into account. A test is valid for a maximum of 24h.
  3. Please wear an FFP2 or an N95 mask in all common areas (hallway, toilet, etc.).
  4. In order to enable a follow-up in case of doubt, we must record and store your contact details as part of your pre-registration.

We hope that these measures will contribute to the health and well-being of all.

If you have any questions, all trainers and teachers of Pahuyuth and the martial arts school Neukölln are at your disposal.

When and where does the training take place in Berlin?


Pahuyuth School
c/o Kampfkunstschule Neukölln

Hobrechtstraße 31, 12047 Berlin
Near U-Bhf Schönleinstraße (U8)
  • Friday: 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm

Pahuyuth schule adresse anfahrt

How do I find the entrance?

Starting from the entrance at Hobrechtstraße 31 (left of the Späti), go to the second backyard and turn left. There you will find the house entrance and an intercom.

Important: The door to the staircase is always locked (requirement of our landlord). Simply use the intercom to tell us your warrior name registered in advance by e-mail – or call the following telephone number to be admitted: +49 177 5490904

Register now for the live training in Berlin-Neukölln

Step 1: Try doing the 30 Exercises.
Step 2: Learn your first techniques.
Step 3: Choose a warrior name.

Step 4: Register and come by!

Are you ready for your first on location training? Then click on the button to sign up!

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