No trial training at this time

Due to the Corona pandemic, there is currently no live training in Berlin. We recommend that you take a look at our new online training page. All qualifications acquired as part of our online membership program will be credited when the school reopens.

Next trial training Oct-06 2020

The reopening of our trial student course is expected to take place on Monday, Oct-06 2020 . More information will follow shortly.

From now on there is again the possibility to register for the trial training via [email protected]


In order to ensure the quality of our training, we now limit the number of participants for our beginner course.

You are welcome to continue to apply by e-mail for a place on our waiting list.

The yellow belt course – Your entry into Pahuyuth

Whether you want to use the Pahuyuth knowledge to learn martial arts or effective self-defense. Whether you want to learn more about Asian culture and far eastern philosophy. Or whether you just want to do something for your health and fitness – with us every new student starts in the so-called yellow belt course.

Unlike other martial arts and martial arts, Pahuyuth has a trial phase with an entrance exam, which determines whether someone is accepted as a full-fledged Pahuyuth student (green belt) and gains access to the knowledge of the Pahuyuth disciplines.

This means even if you have been doing martial arts, martial arts, boxing, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), Muay Boran, Lethwei, kickboxing, MMA, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Tsun, Kung Fu, Sanda, Judo, Eskrima, Kali, FMA, staff fighting, or similar – if you don’t happen to have a Pahuyuth belt you should start with the beginners. This is not a disgrace, but serves above all your safety and your learning success.

pahuyuth beginner training techniques

Step by step – Pahuyuth is learned from scratch.

The origins of the trial student course

In former times, Pahuyuth students had to apply to a teacher, for example by working as temple novices (Dek Wat, church child). Initially, each of these students was only taken in as probationary student to first examine their character and ideas.

The ancient teachers them an insight into the fighting knowledge, but no concrete fighting techniques to prevent possible abuse by an unadmitted student. It was only at a later stage that the teacher decided whether and to what extent it was possible for him to impart the requested knowledge to the novice and to accept him as a full-fledged student (green belt).

Following the Buddhist robes of the temple novices, Pahuyuth probationary students (Lugsidt Todlong) still wear a golden-yellow belt today. Instead of cleaning in the temple, there is nowadays a structured beginner course (yellow belt course) in which the basics of the Pahuyuth are taught.

Pahuyuth berlin training Probeschueler

Every beginning is difficult – Pahuyuth requires initiative, self-discipline and willpower.

Learn Pahuyuth and discover who you are!

How does such a trial training work?

The Pahuyuth yellow belt course is divided into two parts, a workout and a technical part with a short break in between. The course is supervised by either a teacher, a teacher or instructor, or a qualified Pahuyuth student.

The respective instructor is there for all your training-specific questions and will take care of you throughout the course.

1. Fitness, health and endurance – the first hour

In the first part of the course there is a guided warm-up program with special exercises (bodyweight exercises). These provide the necessary fitness, mobility and discipline that you will need in later stages of learning.

At the same time, your body gets to know important movement sequences that help you learn Pahuyuth better and deal with your body more safely.

2. Time to relax – the break

After that, there is a 10-15 minute break during which you can rest, drink, eat, watch the advanced students train and/or ask questions.

Basically, all students and teachers present are at your disposal for technical questions and will be happy to help you. We practice “learning through teaching”. This means that the more questions you ask, the more you and everyone else can learn.

3. Technical Knowledge – the second hour

In the second part of the course, technical knowledge is imparted. This may include combat techniques, defense knowledge and fall and rolling techniques.

There are regular excursions to the Pahuyuth disciplines, such as LING LOM, MEED (knife fighting), DAAB (sword fighting), GRABONG (staff fighting), SABAI (scarf fighting), MAI SAWK (shield fighting) or on the topic of self-defense.

4. The Warrior’s Creed – the end of the course

The yellow belt course always ends with the instructor reciting the Warrior’s Creed.

The Warrior’s Creed is a non-religious gesture with which we convey the ethical and philosophical ideals of Pahuyuth. First we teach first the character and only then the knowledge.

Pahuyuth training anfaenger beginner exercises uebungen

Before you learn to defeat an opponent, you must first learn to overcome yourself.

Pahuyuth kampfkunst training probetraining fragen antworten erfahrungen

No question remains unanswered – Pahuyuth is a fighting knowledge and not a fighting belive.

Pahuyuth probatory training techniques

Sound training – in the yellow belt course everyone learns the basics of Pahuyuth

Pahuyuth probetraining training berlin kaempfereid

Equality and forgiveness – the Warrior’s Creed is an elementary part of our philosophy.

Videos from our trial training

Become a Free-Warrior and assert yourself!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The training is suitable for men and women from 14 years.

In the case of underage participants, we kindly ask that a special form to be filled in and signed for the training.

No. Things like free sparring, partner training, sandbag training,etc. require some previous knowledge. You can get this knowledge in the yellow belt course.

Basically not, unless you happen to have previous knowledge of Pahuyuth.

The entry requirement for participation in the lessons of the individual Pahuyuth disciplines is the Pahuyuth student status (green belt). You don’t get it until you pass the entrance exam. Admission to the entrance examination usually requires participation in the beginner course.

However, we allow each new trial student (yellow belt) to participate in one free partner training in the discipline or disciplines that interest him or her. The whole thing is done by arrangement and after participation in the trial student course. Talk to your instructor if you’re interested.

The Pahuyuth training is physically and psychologically demanding. We recommend to consult a doctorbefore taking any physical or physical activity. If you suffer from a permanent injury or chronic illness, please inform the instructor before starting the training.

Participation in the trial training is free and non-binding until the third time.

Basically, everyone can take part in the trial training up to three times free of charge and get to know it. Afterwards we ask for a declaration of accession to the Kampfkunstschule Neukölln e.V., to which we belong.

The monthly membership fee is currently EUR 60,-

In addition, there is a one-time admission fee of EUR 30,-, as well as training clothing and a yellow belt (both together for EUR 60,-).

When it comes to teaching materials, you need a Pahuyuth History Book (EUR 48,-) and an PQS0 test booklet (EUR 14.99) to start with. These can be purchased either online or on-site.

As a club member, in addition to the regular course dates (Monday and Friday), you can also participate in the supervised free training (Wednesday) and thus get up to nine training hours per week if you wish.

Have we forgotten something or do you want to know something specific? Then send us an e-mail to [email protected]

Pahuyuth Schule IconPahuyuth Schule

Hobrechtstraße 31, Berlin

4.6 19 reviews

  • Avatar Linus 999 ★★★★★ vor 7 Monaten
    Ich bin wirklich froh und dankbar, dass diese Schule existiert, denn sie hat mich wesentlich … More auf meinem Weg der spirituellen, persönlichen und männlichen Entfaltung weitergebracht und wird es auch weiterhin tun.
  • Avatar Dj Akustic ★★★★★ vor 6 Monaten
    Ich hab mit 15 Jahren angefangen und Pahuyuth hat mich abgesehen vom geistigen Aspekt auch … More körperlich sehr gut vorbereitet, was ich in einigen anderen berliner Wettkampf-Muay-Schulen festellen durfte.
  • Avatar Up 2 Yuh Muzic ★★★★★ vor 7 Monaten
    Seit vielen Jahren, das beste was mir jäh widerfahren ist!
  • Avatar Gustav Müller ★★★★★ vor 7 Monaten
    Pahuyuth ist kein Sport, keine spezielle Kampfkunst, sondern geht weit darüber hinaus. 4500 … More Jahre gesammeltes Wissen über südostasiatische Kriegskunst, Heilwissen und Geisteswissenschaften. Aufgegliedert in verschiedene nachvollziehbar erlernbare Disziplinen wie Ling Lom, Muai, Langstock, Schwert, Messer, Schild und Tuch.
    Wer seine physischen, als auch psychischen Grenzen kennen und vor allem erweitern möchte, ist hier richtig.
    Erfahrene und kompetente Trainer. Lockere familiäre Atmosphäre. Ein Platz für persönliche Entwicklung und Entfaltung.
  • Avatar Tom Jester ★★★★★ a year ago
    Wer das traditionelle Thai-Boxen erlernen möchte wird hier fündig. Das Curriculum umfasst … More ein umfangreiches Spektrum an Techniken sowie ein ausgeklügeltes Lehrsystem, welches jeden Schüler befähigt, entsprechend seiner körperlichen Konstitution seinen eigenen Kampfstil zu entwickeln. Im Vergleich mit dem modernen Muay Thai oder Kickboxen bin ich in anderen Clubs im Sparring damit sehr gut klargekommen, wobei mir stets ein sehr unorthodoxer Boxstil bescheinigt wurde. Als Besonderheit erwähnt werden sollte, das an der Pahuyuth - Schule traditionell kein Schienbeinschutz verwendet wird. Die Lehrmethode setzt auf die Abhärtung dieser Körperwaffe und es funktioniert tatsächlich. Die Ausbildung beginnt zwingend mit einem super Vorbereitungskurs, der einen körperlich in die Form seines Lebens bringt und umfasst weitere traditionelle Disziplinen. Als das Wichtigste, wie ich als langjähriger beruflicher praktischer Anwender der Kampfkunst hinzufügen muss, wird der Schüler hier philosophisch über Sinn UND Unsinn seiner Entscheidung, kämpfen lernen zu wollen, unterwiesen. An dieser traditionellen Lehrstätte wird Wert auf die Kontrolle der Emotionen gelegt und gelehrt, dass ein vermiedener Kampf ein gewonnener Kampf ist und man sich nur verteidigen sollte, wenn Flucht keine Option ist. Aus beruflicher Praxis kann ich dies im Hinblick auf das rechtliche und mentale Nachspiel nur bestätigen, kann aber nicht umhin, die Effektivität speziell des hier gelehrten "Muai" als absolut notwendige Grundlage einer effektiven Selbstverteidigung zu empfehlen. Wer keinen wilden Schlaghagel zuverlässig abwehren kann wird weder seine erlernten SV-Tricks zum Einsatz bringen noch weglaufen können. Fazit: Didaktik, Pädagogik und Leute super, der Lehrer sehr ungewöhnlich aber pädagogisch und für das Boxen äusserst kompetent. Für das traditionelle Boxen "Muai" gibt es von mir 5 Sterne.
  • Avatar Anne Werner ★★★★★ a year ago
    Das Training war sehr fordernd und lehrreich. Besonders gut gefiel mir, dass hier jeder von … More jedem lernt und viel Wert darauf gelegt wird, dass Anfänger die Grundlagen richtig lernen, bevor es ans Kämpfen geht.

Do’s – Checklist for your first training

  • Comfortable shirt

    That could be a simple cotton T-shirt for example. For safety reasons, please make sure that it does not have any buttons, zippers or sequins.

  • Comfortable training pants

    Short or long it doesn’t matter – the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it and have enough legroom.

  • Additional T-Shirt

    You’re gonna sweat. We therefore recommend packing one or two T-shirts for changing.

  • Optional: Water bottle

    If you like, then pack yourself a bottle of water, which you can enjoy during the break.

  • Optional: Nutrition tip

    The training can be physically very demanding. We therefore recommend not to eat for two hours before the training.

Dont’s – Safety Instructions

  • No buttons, zippers, cords, sequins, etc., please.

    Your safety is important to us. Therefore, please make sure that your training clothes do not have any hard or sharp objects.

  • No jewellery, watches, earrings, piercings, hairpins, etc., please.

    Please do not wear hard or sharp objects on your body in the training room. Not removable piercings can be masked or taped.

  • Please do not eat or drink in the training room.

    Food and beverages are a safety risk. The best place to eat or drink is in the lounge area.

  • Please do not use alcohol or narcotics.

    Anyone who is alcoholized or intoxicated is endangering themselves and others. Just stay at home and come when you are sober.

Hygiene and health care

Your health is important to us – that’s why we have introduced a few simple preventive measures that we would ask you to follow:

  • Please wash hands & disinfect hands on arrival (see video, donor hangs at the school entrance).
  • Please do not have spectators in the classroom.
  • Please do not have pets at school.
  • Please stay at home at the slightest sign of infection.
  • Please do not store or consume food in the classroom.
  • Please make sure that finger and toe nails are short and clean.
  • Please do not touch your or others eyes and mouth.
  • Please make sure to keep your distance or turn away when coughing or sneezing.
  • Please cover wounds or injuries immediately with a patch or bandage
  • Please use only personal, screw-on drinking bottles.

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Corona precautions

In addition to our general hygiene measures and the SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Ordinanceissued by the Berlin Senate, we would like to ask you to:

  1. Please wear a face mask in the hallway, on the toilet and on the way to the changing room. If you don’t have one yet, you can buy one in our Pahuwear shop.
  2. In order to enable a follow-up in case of doubt, we must record and retain your contact details. A corresponding list is available in the training room.

We hope that these measures will contribute to the health and well-being of all. If you have any questions, all trainers and teachers of Pahuyuth and the martial arts school Neukölln are at your disposal.

Pahuwear streetwear face masks featured

When and where does the trial training take place?


Pahuyuth School
c/o Kampfkunstschule Neukölln

Hobrechtstraße 31, 12047 Berlin
Near U-Bhf Schönleinstraße (U8)
  • Monday: 19.00 - 21.30 Uhr

  • Friday: 19.00 - 21.30 Uhr

Pahuyuth schule adresse anfahrt

How do I find the entrance?

Sign up for the trial training

Are you ready for your first trial training? Then please register here!

Not in Berlin? No problem!

For all interested, we offer various online programs on this website.

Train martial arts and fitness at home

In response to the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 aka Corona Pandemic, we now provide the 30 Exercises free of charge for everyone. The 30 Exercises are an approximately one-hour training program, which consists of thirty individual exercises and can be trained at home or wherever you want. We hope to help all those who are forced to train on their own in their own homes because of the current situation!

Pahuyuth 30 Exercises online

Martial Arts Techniques for Beginners Online

In this previously unpublished instructional video, a teacher shows the first 15 of the 45 basic techniques of Pahuyuth according to the 1984 curriculum. The techniques and concepts shown in this video are, except for a few minor details, valid to this day and can be used in Pahuyuth, Muay Thai, Muay Boran and many other fighting styles (e.g. MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Chaiya, Muay Thasao, Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi, Muay Lao, Bokator, Pradal Serey, Lethwei and many more).

Pahuyuth martial arts techniques for beginners featured free online course