What is a Magic Spell?

In the Saiyasart a magic spell (Katahh) is a magic sign in the form of prayer texts or sayings.


In the Saiyasart the Magic Spell (Katahh) refers to a magic sign in the form of prayer texts or sayings, which release a certain magical energy by repeated repetition, or pronunciation with high concentration or worship.

Magical spells often consist of rhymed or otherwise coded words, which are supposed to cause supernatural phenomena by (silently) pronunciation or writing down (see Magic Symbol).

Magical Spells in Buddhism and Brahminism

Katahhs were handed down in different languages. In Buddhism and Brahmanism, a mixture of Balinese and Sanskrit is mainly used. The contents of a Katahh are usually divided into three sections:

  1. Glorification of the magical source whose help is requested. For example, ghosts or deities.
  2. Asking for the respective magic assistance in the sense of a description of the desired effect.
  3. Addressing or transmitting the target coordinates for magical action. Usually a person.

For Thais, it is deemed as special to pronounce a katahh backwards or to combine it with other magic words (akohm) to enhance the effect of the magic saying. Katahhs are considered to be a particularly guarded secret, which is passed on only in the narrowest circle.

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