What is an inner aspect?

In Saiyasart the term inner aspect refers to an isolated perspective, which refers to the internal view of an existence.


The inner aspect results from the question: Do I exist or do I not exist?

Yaan meditation the three aspects of existence


A free-floating, spherical object in a three-dimensional space is assumed.

The contemplation of the sphere, in which the viewer perceives himself as a sphere, or as a person affected (inner aspect), is called an inner perspective. As affected, the viewer himself perceives the reactions through his presence in relation to everything else, as well as the conditions of existence and the process of change. It is not the presence, or the external perspective of view, but the consciousness of the sphere itself, which the viewer perceives.

The consideration of the relational aspects represents the perspective of the presence of individual units within the sphere, which can consist of both, equal or unequal entities. Due to the spherical shape, the individual units of the unit dimensions have different presence positions and thus also unequal relationships with each other.

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