What are framework conditions?

In Saiyasart framework conditions or general assumptions are hints or thought-provoking impulses for the calibration of one’s own perceptions.


The framework conditions arose from experiences in dealing with the psychic level. They used to be written in the form of simple texts, encrypted series of texts or in the form of poems or orally. In many cases, the various teachers have adapted them to the prevailing circumstances of the learning process at the time. In later times, the traditional framework conditions were partly developed into original texts.

The importance of the framework conditions for Saiyasart

The framework conditions of Saiyasart are one of the most important components of the learning process. In terms of content, the framework conditions consist of a series of theses and references on various topics.

The framework conditions are especially intended for Saiyasart students in the initial phase, who can easily leave the basis of logic through emotions, desires and the pre-encumbrance of personal belief structures.

The individual and unbiased examination of the “framework conditions” and the so-called “prerequesites” on the basis of logic and rationality is a recommended part of the truth-finding in the Saiyasart.

Important: It is recommended not to accept the framework conditions as a given (to believe) it, but to question them and to check their respective truthfulness.

The traditional framework conditions

  1. Believe: Believes can release one’s own emotions and visions, but they are by no means the way to find the truth.
  2. Miracle: All existing beings are neither a miracle nor can they produce them.
  3. Entity: An entity exists only if it is presently perceptible under the same conditions and circumstances.
  4. Magic: Magic is a transformation of data previously assembled either by simulation or manipulation.
  5. Structure of thought: The ability to think is like a paper sheet on which you can write something, and from which you can read the same thing again.
  6. Views: Everyone has their own views, which can never be the same as those of others, but which can be shared.
  7. Aspects: An aspect is like a snapshot that does not reflect the completeness what is recorded.
  8. Holiness: Holiness is part of the personal truth that has been defined and can be adopted as a view of its own or accepted with respect and tolerance.
  9. Human beings: Humans are a type of being that exists alongside other beings – neither can it be classified as special nor insignificant.

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