What is a Phi Hua Khat?

Phi Hua Khat (ผีหัวขาด) is an accident ghost without a head in Thai folklore.


It is said that if a person dies an unnatural and sudden death and is beheaded in the process, a Phi Hua Khat can arise. Phi Hua Khat are evil ghosts filled with anger and bitterness, which is why they are considered extremely dangerous in Thailand.

It is believed that the origin of this myth dates back to a time when (war) prisoners were beheaded with a sword (daab). It was feared that the headless spirit of the executed man would haunt the nearest village and terrorize its inhabitants.

In order to avoid the creation of a Phi Hua Khat, elaborate execution ceremonies were carried out, in which the condemned person was tied to a wooden pole sitting or kneeling. His head was fixed in such a way that the neck was exposed and stretched forward.

In order to carry out the execution, a sword fighting teacher trained in Saiyasart (see DAAB) was summoned. He then performed a ritual sword dance (Ram Daab) at the end of which the head of the condemned man was severed with a sword blow.

For many centuries, this method was considered one of the few ways to truly ensure that the spirit of the executed person was properly sent to the afterlife and could not cause any harm in this world.

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