What is meditation?

Meditation in the Saiyasart is a state with which the knowledge of truth can be developed.


Unlike in other forms of meditation it is less concerned with relaxation and well-being, but with dealing with the questions of:

  • Where does everything come from, or how did it all come about?
  • Who am I?
  • Where do I come from and where do I go?

Meditation is part of the fundamental method of contemplation that is necessary for the examination of truth or self-discovery. Meditation itself is the state of an interactive thought process in which neither the functional activities of the body, which lie outside the general life-support functions, nor the knowledge derived from memory are used.

Meditation requires the neutrality of consciousness to a particularly high degree, and does not allow bias and preconceived judgments. Connoisseurs of meditation like to use a simple explanation for how it is simply defined as an inorganic body that has only been created temporarily in order to be able to look at itself.

Meditation is divided into three levels. The first stage is the conscious creation of meditation itself (Smathi). The second stage is meditative perception (Vipassana) and the third and higher meditation level is that of so-called arrival (Banluhh Nai).

Another form of meditation is the so-called Yaan meditation.

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