Pahuyuth martial arts self-defense courses learn berlin neukoelln kreuzberg friedrichshain workshop seminar BANNER 2022


While Pahuyuth was designed for survival in lawless spaces, today we enjoy the benefits of a rule of law in which powers to protect citizens are regulated and limited by law:

The protection of the individual is the responsibility of the state.

In other words, the protection of rights against infringement is, in principle, the task of the State. Aside from that self-protection may be permitted by interference with foreign rights if the protection of the State cannot be obtained in time or not at all. Especially if self-protection is particularly permitted by law.

As mediators of a traditional martial art and guardians of traditional traditions, culture and customs, we see ourselves in the responsibility to help our students to a healthy and righteous approach to their fighting knowledge.

Therefore, we do not see self-defense within the framework of the law as an independent Pahuyuth discipline, but as a multidisciplinary competence and valuable basic attitude, which we convey to all our students. Here we give particular importance to strict legal conformity and interpretation, which we consider to be an indispensable basis for a truly realistic self-defense.