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LING LOM – Traditional Close Combat

LING LOM is an unarmed Pahuyuth using all of the capabilities the human body and the origin of all Thai martial arts.

The origins of the LING LOM date back to the time of the Gleeh tribes (Gleeh Gauw Pienohng), which who lived around 2500 BC. in the Altai Mountains (today’s China). First described by the Chinese as a kind of „wraith fight“, it was later called LING LOM (monkey-air or air-monkey) due to its elusive character and unusual movements.

The name stuck and led to the widespread misconception that LING LOM was created by the imitation of animals or was related to Chinese fighting styles (monkeys Kung Fu, monkey fist, etc.).

In fact, LING LOM is based exclusively on the natural abilities and conditions of the human body.

LING LOM has been used on the battlefields of Southeast Asia for many centuries. Legends tell of warriors who swept across the battlefield “like the wind” and even fought between the legs of war elephants.

Around 1000 A.D., LING LOM became the origin of all Thai stand-up fighting methods. Traces of LING LOM can still be found today in many other Southeast Asian fighting styles.

LING LOM is considered one of the most difficult to learn combat disciplines of Pahuyuth. Beginners undergo a rigorous physical training and gradually acquire the traditional principles and concepts of the system teaching (Tah Kru). The result is a highly efficient adaptive fighting style that allows the user to adapt to the enemy combat system without having learned it himself.