What is a process?

In Saiyasart the term process refers to the representation of an event or event with a specific climax.


A process has a beginning, a climb phase, a climax, a relegation phase and an end. Both the life experience and the events or events contained therein can be classified as a process.

Knowledge of a process allows for more precise perception. As an example, the complete life experience can be seen as a process. The birthday is the beginning, the rise phase of childhood and adolescence, the climax of being an adult and the descent phase with the beginning of aging, death is the end.

This does not constitute a valuation

There are also many other processes within this one process, for example: beginning: incurable diseases, rise phase: dying and letting go, climax: death, descent phase after death a existence without a biological body, end: “dissolution”

Another example:

The beginning is not the birth but the meeting of the parents, these offer a certain living environment in which a child is born and on the basis of which certain experiences in life can be made, just as important here is the imprinting and transmission of certain characteristics, by the parents. Here the climax or rather the highlights are not in the proverbial middle of the life experience, the climax or the highlights result in each case through the development of life under the described conditions.

For students of Pahuyuth and Free-Warriors, knowledge of the nature of the process is very helpful for their own development (learning process)

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