• Pahuyuth donate a coffee for the teacher FEATURED
  • Pahuyuth donate a coffee for the teacher FEATURED

Donate – A coffee for a teacher

It is said that knowledge is precious. Having the right knowledge at the right time can mean the difference between life and death.

The Free-Warriors of Pahuyuth had a tremendous amount of such knowledge that they left us in the form of the Pahuyuth, the Saiyasart and the Sart Bambatgay – but the ancient knowledge and culture of the Pahuyuth Free-Warriors is in danger of being lost forever.

Our declared goal is to preserve the traditional Free-Warrior-Knowledge through education and teaching for future generations and to preserve this cultural asset. We do this out of the conviction that this knowledge is capable of saving lives and preserving peace and freedom.

To achieve this, we have set up, among other things, this website, on which we provide independent, free, non-binding, ad-free and in large parts even multilingual information for everyone.

If you would like to help us preserve the traditional knowledge of the ancient Free-Warriors or give something back for the knowledge provided for you here, you can do so, completely anonymously and without obligation, via our Buy me a Coffee Account .

We use the proceeds to operate this website and to prepare and publish many more knowledge content in the future and thus preserve the knowledge and culture of the ancient Pahuyuth Free-Warriors for future generations.

With a “coffee for a teacher” you help us to reach this goal and we thank you for your donation in the name of all those who might need this knowledge one day – be it to protect themselves or others from harm, or simply to live a life in peace and freedom.

Other support options

Alternatively or in addition to a donation via our Buy me a Coffee Account, there are the following possibilities to support our cause:

Buy a T-shirt or a poster

In our Pahuwear shop you will find shirts, hoodies and physical training aids, such as 30 exercise posters in different sizes and much more.

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Purchase one of our publications

Here you will find various books, online courses and other publications that you can purchase and thus enrich your knowledge.

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Become a Free-Warrior

Are you interested in traditional martial arts, naturopathy and spiritual knowledge? You want to become a worthy successor of the ancient Free-Warriors and a keeper of their knowledge and culture? – No problem! We offer live training in Berlin and online training worldwide. Click on the links to learn more!