What is a magic amulet?

In Saiyasart an object that is consciously equipped with a specific or targeted vibration is called an amulet. (see Magic Sign)

Amulet versus talisman

In contrast to the talisman, the amulet is not defined, here an effective vibration is introduced by certain methods. Often there are amulets that contain ghosts. Each amulet has its own purpose and the vibration was specially selected for this purpose and used for the amulet. The object should also be externally suitable to the vibration.

As an example, one would not use a praying female figure to install an active and aggressive energy/vibration, but rather the figure of a warrior or a sword.

How to get a magic amulet?

Most amulets are necklaces, so that they always stay with the human being and unfold their effect. Simply buying an amulet like this is not advisable in most cases. It is actually best to wait until life brings one. If none comes, then none is needed in this life.

Magical Ghost Amulets

Particular care should be taken of the amulets with spirits. A spirit that is in the presence of an amulet may have entered it in two ways.

  1. He was given the chance and took advantage of it.
  2. He was not asked and was forcibly introduced into the amulet.

In any case, when using such amulets, it is advisable to first have your own perception of schools, for example through Yaan Meditation, in order to understand what you are dealing with. It may be that it would be better to destroy a ghost amulet and thus give the spirit “freedom” instead of using it.

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