Who is Nang Mai?

Nang Mai (นางไม้. Lady of the Forest) is a ghost or a forest fairy or nymph from Thai folklore.


In Thai folklore, Nang Mai are spirits who were once human women who died in the forest. It is said that they live in old trees, especially in ficus species such as banyan trees. It is also said that Nang Mai is sometimes haunted in bamboo forests. They are described as beautiful women with long hair wearing colorful clothes. It is said that they often comb their hair or sit on swings made of lianas. Sometimes it is also said that they can turn into birds.

Nang Mai are generally considered harmless, but there have been cases where they have killed people. There are also stories of them luring men into the forest to kill them.


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Reference to Pahuyuth

A Nang Mai plays an important role in the “Story of Gaeuw”.

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