Pahuyuth 30 Uebungen fuer anfaenger kampfkunst fitness zuhause trainieren online kostenlos BANNER

Train Martial arts and fitness for free at home – the 30 exercises

Are you looking for a way to train martial arts and fitness for free at home? You want to do an effective workout without equipment in your home gym? You are interested in Pahuyuth and would like a taste of our training?

You’ve com to the right page, because the 30 Exercises are the ideal beginner training for all those who are looking for a holistic bodyweight workout for close combat, martial arts, combat sports and self-defense – or simply if you just want to keep yourself fit and healthy.

You can use this one-hour training program as fitness training at home, cardio training, to loose weight or as a dynamic and strengthening “power yoga for fighters”.

The best thing about it:

To learn and train the 30 exercises you DO NOT have to buy anything, register anywhere or apply for membership.

Everything you need to know to get started here and now with the 30 Exercises we explain to you free of charge, without obligation and anonymously on this page!

Are you ready?

If so, then you should read the information about this workout first. For returning visitors, we have set up two quicklink buttons with which you can get directly to the exercises.