What is a vibration?

In the Saiyasart vibration is a rhythmic energy frequency.


By an impulse, something (a neutral particle) is placed in an active state and begins to expand to a maximum extent, which is possible individually per extent. During the expansion, various forces work, which can work pro and contra. For this reason, depending on condition and circumstances, reactions may occur which are chemical in nature (changes in state), thermal nature (property changes) or radioactive nature (radiation phenomenon – environmental change).

If the maximum extent has been reached, the contraction begins with the possible reactions already described. The contraction also takes place up to a certain limit and from this point the expansion begins anew. The rhythmic frequency is caused by the repetition of expansion and contraction and by the intensity of the activity that develops here, that is, how quickly or how slowly the respective change is repeated.

Types of vibrations

Vibrations can be divided into four basic types:

  • active/aggressive
  • Harmonious
  • Slow
  • Neutral

Vibrations occur both as a single oscillation as well as in vibration chains or in more complex ways. The more complex vibrations are the basis for the formation of a human body, for example.

Vibrations form our physical and psychological environment and are capable of communication.

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