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Why ghosts (can) smell like bananas

Do ghosts really exist? If so, can you smell them? In this blog post we explain how and why ghosts (can) smell like bananas. The whole thing contains a several weeks-long self-experiment, through which you can check for yourself whether what we claim here may or may not be true.

To decide whether there are actually such a thing as ghosts or spirit beings, is completely up to you. However, we recommend approaching the matter with a healthy degree of critical impartiality in order to achieve the best possible results.

Let’s start with a self-experiment …

For the following experiment you need a fresh, still green banana. If it is already yellow or brown, the experiment will not work or will not work properly. It is best to use a banana bought in the supermarket, as these are usually relatively inexpensive and fresh.

Banane Tag 01

Important: The banana does NOT have to be particularly expensive, flawless or particularly shapely for this experiment. Their curvature or any other aesthetic attributes do not matter. And please don’t let anybody sell you special “psi banana” or any other overpriced stuff. That would just be money grubbing. To work real magic, you don’t such things!

The simplest and cheapest banana you can find is perfectly sufficient. Even an organic banana would be a waste of money and food, because you can’t eat it afterwards.


Find a cool, dry and clean place in your apartment where you can store your banana for a while. In our example, we chose a corner in a kitchen simply because it could be positioned there in a clearly visible position and the light was suitable for the photo documentation. Nothing else.

If you are living with someone, inform your roommates about your ongoing experiment as a precaution. If they want to participate, you can share a trial banana. As long as no one eats it or throws it away, it does not detract from the experiment. You will find out why this is the case in the next step.


Start as long as the banana is still fresh and green. Take the banana in your hand, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Start by slowly but deeply inhaling and exhaling and repeat this while breathing more shallowly and calmly with each breath.

Here is an example from our Yaan Meditation Compact Course from 2017. If you want, you can use the video as an aid.


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Relax and try to think of nothing more than your ever calmer and more even breathing. Take your time. After a few breaths, your breathing volume should have become so low that you hardly breathe in and out consciously. The breath should flow calmly and relaxed. It may be that you get a little dim or dizzy. That’s normal.

If you have to giggle, feel an itch or get a slight panic that throws you off track, just let it happen and just start again with a deep breath. For most people, the conscious induction of this mild trance state is somewhat unfamiliar at the beginning. With a little practice, however, it should work.

Please try not to force anything, because this will only stress you out even more and thus distract you from the goal. If you are under severe psychological stress, it may be difficult for you to let your thoughts come to rest. This is also normal and usually to be resolved with a little serenity in everyday life, the resolution of emotional and psychological conflicts and, of course, a little more practice.


When you have reached the calm, even breathing and the light trance (a relaxed attention), the actually exciting part begins. Now bring the banana to your nose and try to smell it unbiased and consciously by inhaling very slowly through the nose and perceiving its smell.

Take your time and smell in the middle of the banana and at both ends. Check without reservation and without further evaluation whether the smell of these areas differs or not. If you feel somehow weird or strange because you’re smelling a banana, then that’s not a bad thing. It just means that you are having a new, unfamiliar experience.

If you think you have been able to get a comprehensive impression of the current smell of the banana, then slowly return to normal breathing, open your eyes and put the banana in its intended place for storage. You won’t have to do much more than that, but the process described above will be repeated daily from now on.


In the following days, weeks and even months, you should take a few minutes each day to go into the shallow breathing described above, achieve a slight trance and smell the banana.

Yaan meditation warum geister nach bananen riechen koennen banane reifungsprozess

In the course of this process, the banana will change its color from green to yellow and finally to black. Meanwhile, you will notice that its smell changes from bland to an increasingly strong, sweet smell, which then decreases over time.

Excursus: The ripening process of a banana

The ripening process begins as soon as the banana has been picked. With increasing maturity, the sugar content increases and the smell becomes more intense. The more ripe the banana is, the darker it becomes and the sweeter it smells. Its skin also changes: it becomes softer, the texture becomes velvetier and small black spots appear. At this time, the smell is most intense. But why is that?

When a banana ripens, the starch in the fruit turns into sugar. This process is called glycosylation. As the banana ripens, more and more starch is converted into sugar, making the banana sweeter. At the same time, the enzymes in the fruit break down proteins.

When a banana is ripe, it releases a gas called ethylene. Ethylene controls the ripening process of many fruits and vegetables. Therefore, bananas and, for example, apples should not be stored next to each other in a fruit bowl. But you can also use this effect to bring about a faster ripening in other foods – this is called “magic through chemistry”.

Back to our self-experiment

Over several days and weeks, try to smell the different ripening phases completely unbiased and to perceive the entire process without conscious evaluation or classification.

In other words: Perceive what is there and not what you or someone else means, what should be there!

And what does this have to do with ghosts?

This question is absolutely justified, because so far we have apparently done nothing more than smell a banana, which simply becomes more and more ripe over time and eventually decays. How ghosts (can) smell like bananas has not yet been mentioned. But how does it work?

If you have successfully completed the above self-experiment, then it can (!) happen that you occasionally perceive a very subtle banana smell in everyday life, without a banana being near you. In most cases, it will be a sudden, sweetish smell like from a stained banana, because this one is the most striking. But it can also be the smell of a rather fresh or a strongly ripened banana.

In this case, just check if you happen to be near a cemetery, an accident site, the site of a violent crime, a hospital, or a previous theater of war. If so, then your body (could!) have just perceived the presence of a spirit being and has communicated this to you by simulating a banana smell. In this case, you (possibly) smelled a ghost – if such a thing exists at all.

Yaan meditation warum geister nach bananen riechen koennen tatort verbrechen

Whether it is a human or an animal spirit cannot be determined with this method. But you can use this newly created stimulus-reaction pattern to scan your environment for clues to ghosts and to determine their whereabouts, almost like a “P.K.E. meter” in the Ghostbusters movies, that you always carry with you from now on, because you have already learned how to smell ghosts without knowing it.

In addition, you can (allegedly) even sense an indication of the time of death by assigning the perceived smell to the degree of ripeness of the banana. If it is a rather bland banana smell, then the time of death is not long ago. If the smell is sweeter and more intense, then the person or animal is already dead for a while. If the smell corresponds more to a deep black banana, then you can assume that the moment of death is already quite a while ago.

Why it (supposedly) works this way

Your body has a so-called central nervous system (CNS), which absorbs environmental signals throughout your life, processes them via data assignment and causes reactions. Input, data processing and output can be both physical and non-physical. In the traditional Free-Warrior knowledge, this process is called autodynamics (see Model of Autodynamics).

Pahuyuth model of autodynamics 1

With the repeated smell of the banana, you have trained your central nervous system so that it has consciously perceived and assigned different stages of decay of a banana in the chronologically correct order. The ripening or decay process of a banana begins from the moment it is picked and ends with its complete decomposition. You have consciously perceived part of it over a longer period of time and thus given your body the opportunity to assign this data for you.

Your body, once this stimulus-response scheme has been trained correctly, makes no distinction between a banana or a few molecules from the remains of a corpse or a subtle residual vibration of a deceased living being in a certain place. Your CNS picks up these environmental signals and interprets them as a “banana” for you.

Of course, ghosts don’t smell like bananas by default, because something that doesn’t have a physical body can’t secrete molecules that the nerve cells in your nose can perceive and identify as “banana”. However, your central nervous system can feel different vibrational patterns in your environment, which it then tries to interpret “somehow” for you to the best of its ability.

Yaan meditation warum geister nach bananen riechen koennen Datenzuordnung

This “somehow” is different for every human being, because each CNS uses a different data set with different interpretations. So if you’ve ever wondered why some people think they saw their deceased grandfather and others claim that an angel appeared to them, you now know why.

Unlike most people, however, you have already created a coherent makeshift interpretation for a typical decay process with the help of your banana. Your CNS can and will always fall back on this assignment if it has no other interpretation option or until another link has been created.

Banana death time compressed

What you have found to be a “delicious banana smell” in the banana is actually its smell of decay, which it begins to secrete after its “death” (the moment it is picked). For this reason, from now on, under certain circumstances and only for you, ghosts can smell like bananas. It’s that simple.

Depending on how intensively you practice this and thus sensitize your CNS more and more to such perceptions, you can (allegedly) cultivate this ability even further and discover more amazing subtleties. After your banana experiment, this ability should be permanently present in you, even if you do not perceive anything “banana like” because your consciousness may be busy with something else.

Why do you need such a skill?

Practitioners of Yaan Meditation and Saiyasart use these and many other such abilities that can be learned by everyone in the sense of an early warning system to check their environment for possible spirit beings and other vibration-based entities, to communicate with them and some even to consciously work on the non-physical level, i.e. to practice magic.

For beginners, the exercise described above can be a first step in the conscious perception of signals from the environment that have so far only been perceived unconsciously. For some, it opens up completely new paths and is the beginning of a very interesting journey of discovery. Others will consider this to be complete nonsense – which, by the way, is also one of the possible truths!

Everyone can try it out for themselves and gain their own experiences and experiences. Where your journey is going and what it will look like, you will have to find out for yourself and we wish you a lot of fun!

Does it necessarily have to be a banana?

In principle, not because it does not matter which type of fruit or vegetable you let rot for this experiment. However, bananas have proven themselves in Europe because they have a very distinctive and rather rare smell for these latitudes. In general, it is a little easier to perceive a sudden banana smell in everyday life than that of apples or cherries. In addition, the skin of a banana is relatively thick, which is why it does not lose water as quickly as other fruits when ripening.

Do ghosts really exist?

Both Saiyasart and the Yaan Meditation deal with this type of question – mind you, without providing an answer to this question, as this would inevitably lead to Believe and not to knowledge.

What is Saiyasart

The Saiyasart (literally translated: knowledge of nothingness) is an area of knowledge that deals with non-physical phenomena of all kinds.

Learn more

How can I learn Saiyasart or Yaan meditation?

We recommend that you start with the (free) videos linked below and, if you like them, carry on by visiting our corresponding topic pages with even more (free) additional information on both fields of knowledge.

If your thirst for knowledge is still not quenched, we recommend participating in our online training. As a member, you get access to all 50 parts of the Yaan Meditation Course (more than 67 hours of video material in German) and can deepen your Yaan or Saiyasart studies under expert guidance via our in-house forum.

Introduction to Saiyasart


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Introduction to Yaan Meditation


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And what does all this have to do with martial arts?

Quite a lot. The ability to perceive the environment more consciously than most people do and to sensitize one’s own intuition to any deviations and potentially threatening changes is extremely helpful when it comes to realistic self-defense. Just ask yourself how many problems you could have avoided if you had recognized the first signs of a brewing conflict just a little earlier or simply had trusted your gut feeling.

But that’s not all: cultivating these abilities also makes it possible to develop kind of a “sixth sense” for your opponent’s intentions, which can be crucial in many combat situations. Most fighters discover such abilities sooner or later on their own, simply because they are among the natural possibilities of the human CNS. Some call it experience, others justify it with luck or intuition. With special training methods, such as Yaan meditation, these skills can be cultivated in a targeted manner.

So if you are interested in combat sports, martial arts and self-defense, developing your consciousness and intuition can be a great help – and experimenting with decaying fruits can be an interesting start ;-)


Whether there are ghosts or not, no blog post in this world will be able to explain to you. But here we have shown you a way to find out for yourself whether what we and others claim may or may not be true. It is now entirely up to you to find out whether spirits really exist and whether they can smell like bananas or not.

With this in mind, we hope you enjoyed this post and wish you a lot of fun trying it out and discovering!

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