What is the beginner level?

The beginner level, basic level or green belt level is the first of a total of three student belt steps (see learning level) of the Pahuyuth. Members of the beginner level wear a green belt.


Pahuyuth has always been the fighting method of ordinary people, the first victims of relentlessbrutal violence and slavery, who have developed the martial arts knowledge in a number of war conflicts against mostly stronger adversaries. In times of war, ordinary citizens, peasants and fishermen were called into the army to defend the country and released after the end of the conflict without becoming regular soldiers. In honor of these warriors, Pahuyuth students of the basic level wear an emerald-green belt color, which is meant to remind of the forest and rural areas.

Pahuyuth belt levels qualification learning path

Teaching content of the beginner level

After successfully passing the entrance examination, each student is free to select his or her desired discipline(s) from the available courses. This decision is not binding. It is always possible to start a new Pahuyuth discipline or to reduce or intensify training in a particular subject area at your own discretion.

The technical learning content of the beginner level relates above all to the learning of the basic knowledge of the respective Pahuyuth discipline (MUAI, LING LOM, MEED, MAI SAWK, DAAB, GRABONG or SABAI). This results in the technical qualification.

In addition, there is the psychicological self-attitude in the sense of Carrier’s Worthiness. Qualification for the white belt requires that students have already internalized their first pedagogical principles.

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