What is Endurance (Kvam Odton)?

In Pahuyuth, endurance (Kvam Odton) is the subset of physical performance that is decisive for the frequency and intensity with which (combat) actions can be performed.


Endurance is the body’s ability to withstand a sustained constant load by optimizing the restoration of energy reserves. The concept of endurance is based on the findings of Sart Bambatgay about the hormone insulin.

The physical energy available for combat is an important condition for fighting. It is not assumed that the body has a fixed amount of energy available for physical execution, so that consumption is not just simply mathematically subtracted until exhaustion.

On the contrary, due to the physical nature, after each consumption, a recovery phase is necessary, and at the same time the next consumption has to be prepared. During combat, a cycle of consumption, recovery and build-up phase results.

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Endurance in the 30 Exercises

The ten endurance exercises of the 30 Exercises are aimed at body movements under their own weight, and are specially designed for the optimization of the body joints.

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Endurance in the PQS

The area of endurance is trained in particular with the performance qualification standard of class 2 (PQS2).

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