What is a performance qualification standard (PQS)?

The performance qualification standards (short performance test or PQS) are training programs with which Pahuyuth Free-Warriors train and maintain their physical performance and combat readiness.

PQS are defined training programs with nine exercises each of five minutes and defined rest times. There are three performance tests in three different levels of difficulty. PQS promote the performance areas

Benefits and goals of PQS

In addition to building and maintaining the performance and health of the participants, PQS serve to promote character development in the sense of the Pahuyuth qualification system.

The acceptance of PQS is only carried out for probationary students (yellow belt) by a Pahuyuth practitioner (i.e. at least green belt). From the beginner level (green belt) each participant is entitled to independent acceptance.

The possibility of (self-)fraud created by this serves to develop one’s own selfishness into self-discipline and character maturity.

The following checklist is considered to be the benchmark for the acceptance of PQS.

PQS Checklist

  • Have the exercises been completed?
  • Were the exercises performed in the correct order?
  • Were the exercises performed for five minutes per exercise?
  • Have the specified break times been met?
  • Were the exercises carried out in the given posture?
  • Were the exercises performed with the predetermined movement?
  • For movement exercises: Were the exercises performed within the given repetition count (60-75 or 75-100)?
  • For static exercises: Were the exercises carried out with the specified minimum duration (3-5 minutes)?
  • Were the exercises performed for at least three minutes at a time without interruptions or posture deviations?
  • Were the exercises performed without interruptions or deviations in posture that last longer than five seconds?
  • Has the test sheet been filled in completely and truthfully?
  • Do the signatures differ strongly (i.e. in more than three characteristics) before and after the end of the PQS?

PQS Extension

PQS serve as formal proofs of performance under the Pahuyuth qualification system. They are a prerequisite for admission to exams and for the acceptance of technical pages in the Pahuyuth Compendium. The following rules apply to extending PQS:

  1. A successful PQS is valid for 30 days from the day of execution.
  2. If another PQS is passed within these 30 days, this period shall be extended until the expiry date of the last PQS passed.
  3. The time period between two PQS must be at least 24h.

PQS Classes

Basically, PQS0 is sufficient for most exams and page acceptances. However, in certain cases (e.g. LING LOM white belt test) a change to a higher PQS level may be necessary. The following rules apply:

  1. There are a total of three PQS classes (Class 0,1 and 2)
  2. A higher class PQS (1 or 2) counts for three PQS of the lower class (one PQS1 = three PQS0)
  3. A change to the next higher PQS class requires at least three existing PQS of the lower class.

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