On this page we share some demonstrations that were shown as part of a Loi Krathong festival during the 1980s in the Netherlands.

On this page we share a martial arts short film from 2004 – in honor and in memory of a friend and Free-Warrior.

On this page we share a TV report and report of the Thai state television (channel 10) about the Muai-Thai Studio from 1981.

On this page we share a document in which the Berlin Senate Administration for Family, Youth and Sport assesses the quality of the …

On this page we share a document from the eighties, in which the Department of Education of the Royal Thai Embassy

This remastered stunt clip from 2004 is a tribute to two Free-Warriors who are no longer with us.

The 30 exercises are our standard fitness workout for beginners and the first step of our trial training procedure. Here you will find everything you need to get started!

Pahuyuth has a unique traditional belt system. Here you will find facts and background information about this topic.

TheWarrior’s Creed is a non-religious ritual held at the end of the beginner training and gives a deep insight into the ethical and philosophical background of the …

Every year, on June 23, Pahuyuth Free-Warriors celebrate the so-called Teacher Memorial Day (Wan Wai Kru). In this post we explain …