The Pahuyuth belt system

Pahuyuth has a unique, traditional belt system. Unlike other martial arts, this does not imply a hierarchical structure. The belts in Pahuyuth only serve to identify the wearer’s current level of knowledge within his discipline.

The Pahuyuth training clothes are not only used for customs – their timeless design offers various practical functions.

The belts of Pahuyuth from yellow to blue.

The Belt Colors in Pahuyuth

Yellow belt – Probatory student

In earlier times, Pahuyuth students had to apply to a teacher, for example as temple novices (Dek Wat, church child). In the beginning, each of these students was only accepted for a trial in order to test his character and his ideas.

The old teachers gave the insight into the fighting knowledge, but no concrete fighting techniques to prevent a possible abuse.

Only in a later phase did the teacher decide whether and to what extent it was possible for him to impart the requested knowledge to the novice and to accept him as a full-fledged student.

Following the yellow Buddhist robes of the temple novices, Pahuyuth probatory students (Lugsidt Todlong) still wear a golden yellow belt today.

Green Belt – Students of the Basic Level

Pahuyuth has always been the fighting method of the common people, the first victims of ruthless brutal violence and slavery, who have developed their fighting knowledge in many armed conflicts against mostly stronger opponents.

In times of war, ordinary citizens, peasants and fishermen used to be called into the army to defend the country and were dismissed after the end of the conflict without becoming regular soldiers.

In honor of these warriors, Pahuyuth base students wear an emerald green belt color to commemorate the forest and rural areas.

In the basic level Pahuyuth students learn the basic techniques of their own chosen fighting disciplines.

White belt – intermediate level students

The fighting knowledge of Pahuyuth is traditionally compared to a pure, white cloth, which only discolors through its use.

Pahuyuth intermediate level students wear white belts to point out the difference between knowledge and its use.

Intermediate level students refine their basic techniques and begin to develop their own fighting style, especially by passing on their knowledge to younger students.

Black belt – Advanced level students

In earlier times, black belt wearers were considered executors and specially trained fighters (special forces).

In the philosophical essence, however, this colour means above all one’s own shadow from which the students of the higher level may emerge. They do this by developing their personal fighting style and by freeing themselves physically as well as mentally from the fighting methodology of Pahuyuth.

Advanced level students specialize in their techniques and gain self-knowledge by passing on and imparting their knowledge.

Blue belt – warrior / prospective teacher

The color blue is often equated with lordly authority and nobility. Behind this, however, is not so much the honouring of a supposedly higher person (in Pahuyuth all people are basically the same), but rather the indication to the wearer of such a belt to deal with his status and the resulting responsibility as a warrior and as a person in order to advance his personal self-discovery and knowledge.

Blue belts are accomplished fighters in their respective discipline, who therefore no longer have student status, but are not yet teachers.

Red belt – Teacher

Red has always been the colour of the people and the blood. To honor all those who died for peace and freedom, Pahuyuth teachers wear a red belt.

A teacher in the understanding of Pahuyuth is never a “master” or “ruler” over his disciples, but always a simple but experienced warrior and person who shares his knowledge willingly and always with a recommending character.

The role of the teacher is similar to that of a ferryman who has already crossed a torrential river himself and is now helping others to cross it.

yellow green belt – special graduation

The yellow-green belt is a special graduation for admitted pupils who have not yet reached the age of fourteen.

Yellow green belts have all the rights and duties of a green belt. Only a short yellow stripe at the end of their green belt indicates their special status. At the end of the fourteenth year of life, this is omitted.


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